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Construction Management
for K-12 School Districts

Every construction project brings its unique challenges. Construction management for K-12 school districts adds more complexity to the process. Thus, school districts need to be in control of all the data and communication for every project. 

Not only do you need tighter control of budgets and expenditures, but school construction also needs to align with a rigid school district’s calendar. It’s never good to be late for school, which still applies when building them.

There are quite a few more stakeholders involved in the process too. You have district procurement officials, city leadership, school board members, and the AEC project team – to name a few. This highlights the need to use a single software for the record. The software should be affordable, powerful, and owned by the school district. It should be an owner’s software!

We built our construction management for K-12 school districts for this reason. It’s designed to keep your school construction projects on time and within budget. We mitigate the risk of any cost overrun and allow you to track all your bond packages in one location. 

Educational infrastructure is one of the most important projects we can support in our community. We help you deliver transparency and accountability on these essential investments. 

Created by School Leaders for School Leaders

The best way to build tools that match school construction management needs is to ask the people who get schools built. So that’s exactly what we did. 

We spoke with school district leaders across the country. We’ve asked them “What are your biggest construction challenges and frustrations with existing project management tools, and processes?”

The result is a construction management software platform that meets your needs better than any other tool out there. The main difference between our software and the one your stakeholders use is theirs is built for them, and not you, the owner. 

We have everything your district needs to be successful, efficient, and transparent with the community. Additionally, we ensured our construction software is both collaborative and user-friendly.

Owner Insite for K-12 school construction has all the features you need with none of the other stuff at a price that just makes sense.

Construction Workflow Management

Track budgets and milestones across multiple projects, with full drill-down visibility
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Construction Budget Tracking

Leverage real-time analytics to anticipate and mitigate risks
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Construction Reporting & Analytics

Equip project teams to meet goals and hold them accountable for results
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Construction Project Communication

Deliver key information quickly to stakeholders at every level, from board members to subcontractors
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Construction Document Control

Protect yourself legally and financially by automatically creating a digital archive of project documents at closeout
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Build Schools Better

When they say it takes a village, they may very well be talking about getting K-12 schools built. It’s a massive undertaking, but it’s also one of the most important things for any community.

Whether it’s building new schools or renovating existing ones, there’s no better investment in the future than creating places of education.

Most school projects require a small army of architects, engineers, and contractors. This means that document control and communication are both fluid and essential. 

The number of constituents who will want to see information as it relates to the schedule and budget may be large. Your ability to accurately communicate and show this information is critical. The trust built between the district and its community depends on it. Our software will help you.

Cloud-Based Tools and Data for School District Teams

No matter how big or small your school construction project is, it’s important for the district.  There are sure to be many people in many different roles working on getting it completed. We built our software with that in mind. 

Owner Insite understands that different stakeholders need different levels of access to information. So, our platform has roles that allow for this partitioned view and collaboration from your project management team. Yes, we can also build your district custom roles and permission. 

It’s also cloud-based, so even when your team can’t be in the same room, they can still work together to get your school built. You will have the ability to access any document in 4 clicks or less. We are web responsive so you can access your projects across all your mobile devices. 

Finally, your project closeout archive and documentation. This was one of the largest pain points we heard about from every school district. 

We have your solution. All you need to do is get the information in Owner Insite!

Here are some of the key points about your archive:

1. You will never receive a data dump of information from us. 

2. Your archive is a mirror image of the live project for easy navigation. 

3. You can download it on as many devices as you want.

4. Your archive will still work even if you are not our client.

5. You can still download any attachment file or photo.

You shouldn’t go to court without a lawyer, and you shouldn’t do construction projects without Owner Insite. 


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Easy Implementation, World-Class Support

Construction is complicated. Good construction project management software shouldn’t be. We can get your project team up and running in just a couple of hours or less. And there’s no awkward trainer-of-trainers model here — our industry-leading unlimited live training and support means that you always get what you need when you need it at no extra cost. 

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