Owner Insite

K-12 School District

K-12 school districts across the nation can have many construction projects going at any given time. Construction project management software can also be very partitioned. Isolated data makes managing many projects more complex and time consuming.

From district leaders input across the country, we can say we have solved this issue. Our program and master programs view allow districts to see many projects at a macro level. So you can drill down into any part of the project with a click of a button. This transparent capability allows for clear communication between your team members and constituents.

To help your school district with capital planning see; Facility Insite

construction program management financial breakdown

Financial Breakdown

Your ability to see a financial budget breakdown and incurred costs is irreplaceable.  

All hyperlinked for easy drill down capability. 

K-12 Construction Project Management

Our cloud based software is useful for any school district’s needs. We want to partner with you, which is why we offer unlimited: 

  • Users
  • Training
  • Support
  • Document Storage

All at no extra charge! We are ready to both train and support anyone you bring onto a project. 

Some of the K-12 Independent School Districts that are using Owner Insite

Districts benefit from using a real K-12 construction project management software. Now you can allow for easy collaboration from your project team and ensure you are beneficiaries of the data. Also, you can manage your entire construction project portfolio on a single platform.

Additionally, we make it easy for your facility maintenance team with our Asset Management software. 

Pricing is also a benefit with us. Not only are you not charged by seat, but all education entities receive reduced pricing. You save money by using our software so you can reallocate those funds to the classroom. 

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