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The construction reporting tools are designed to aid any owner or project manager. We provide you complete construction oversight by allowing you to see all documents. You can see all your data in either our construction features or accounting features. This is better construction management.

Our reporting features will make you more efficient. Project managers leverage these tools on a daily basis. You can view key information on a single page. 

construction oversight with required actions

Construction Reporting

The required actions for a project shows you all the document items related to any single user. Additionally, you can view by organization or document types.
You can stay on top of your project reporting at all times and know exactly what items might need your help.
construction management portfolio

Construction Management

The program required actions gives visibility for all documents across all your projects. You have greater awareness of what’s happening across your portfolio.

Construction management is more efficient when using better tools.

Oversight is important for any construction project. Additionally, it’s of greater importance to have easy to use tools for an entire portfolio. So whether you want specific project reporting or program reporting we have tools for you.

If you have any questions about our reporting features or like to learn more call. 888-336-3393 or Reach out to us at Contact Us.