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Because, we want to make it easy for you to track the budget and accounting for your construction project, we made construction expenses available for use within our incurred costs. 

You need a place to monitor and track all your construction costs. Also you need a place that can be a repository for all your project financial transactions.

See your project budget in real-time, as transactions happen. So you always know the status of the project budget.

Construction Expenses

Create a construction expense and associate it to any account.

Also knowing where dollars originated is essential to understanding job costs.

Important answers found quickly with Owner Insite’s accounting drill down capability.

construction accounting software

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We designed Expenses in Owner Insite to track one-off purchases that are neither expected, nor recurring.

Better yet, track these budget and accounting costs at the account level. Ensure you have insight into all purchases you’re making for your project.

Our construction accounting software is capable of working with any workflow. We can have a talk with you about your workflow and how to incorporate our software for you. We can help make your construction budget easy to manage.

If you have any questions about construction expenses or would like to learn more about our accounting module, call. 888-336-3393 Reach out to us at Contact Us.