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Blue Lynk

Blue Lynk is a digital document control service company. Their team keeps your electronic construction documents up to date by integrating and cross-hyperlinking ASIs, RFIs, Addendums, Redlines, Page Change Outs, Specs and more. So you can have your electronic blue prints and documents link to other assets to create documentation that is easy to read.

Also, we create and maintain an ongoing stamped drawing revision history folder that contains all superseded documents in one stacked PDF. As well as an itemized tracking sheet showing details of all work performed by Blue Lynk team members on your project documents. So you can have full transparency and know what changes we made to your documents.

blue lynk digital document control

Initial Document Management & Hyperlinking

  • Hyperlink all Submittals, ASIs, RFIs
  • Break apart PDF Documents and organize by Discipline
  • Create individual enlarged views within each sheet containing detail areas
  • Link sheet details to a “zoomed in” view of referenced details on other pages
  • Link noted specifications on drawings to each individual spec within their Division Folder
  • Compile Document Tracking Sheet outlining missing details, specs, errors and ongoing work updates
  • And more!
digital document management

Blue Lynk Master Document

Blue Lynk allows you to develop a Master Document. So you can hyperlink to the construction files used throughout the project and closeout folders.
  • Submittals
  • Warranties
  • Spec Sections
  • Training Videos
  • OEM Manuals
And, closeout includes keyword searching for warranties and Specifications. So the transition to Owner Insite’s Asset Management is simple and easy.

Blue Lynk makes finding information easy for everyone on your construction project. And we make your entire organization more efficient by saving you time and money during the construction and occupancy phase. So facility managers can get immediate access to documents that are important to them, and Blue Lynk helps you know exactly where to locate the assets. Digital document control for your team is now easy to achieve!

We can work on any project you have in Owner Insite. Simply ask an Owner Insite customer service representative for details.

You can reach us at 888-336-3393 or connect with us here; Contact Us