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Real estate development is the engine that drives the growth of cities worldwide. Property developers create new spaces to work, live and play. It can also be a lucrative business, but information is the biggest deciding factor in property development success.  

Whether you develop commercial property that needs to be ready for tenants at a grand opening on a tight deadline or housing developments for the residential market, keeping everything on track, on time, and a budget is critical to maximizing your ROI, and the more you know – sooner – the better.

Owner Insite provides construction management for real estate developers with a competitive advantage by improving control and collaboration without adding significant project management costs and time for the owner as well as your entire project team.

Our construction management software is designed to give project owners the overview they need, with a focus on cost control, risk mitigation, and improving communication, but they’re easy to implement and use, so there’s no steep learning curve, and you can keep your projects moving forward while you make the switch.

Even when your project team is excellent at what they do, their goals and priorities might need to align more precisely with yours. Owner Insite gives real estate developers an overview of everything that matters most on any construction project.

We give you the tools to identify problems quickly, ask the right questions, and ensure that professional consultants and construction teams understand and implement your vision.

Planning to Completion and Beyond

We built Owner Insite to be an end-to-end project management solution for construction that is tailored specifically to the needs of owners, operators, and developers.

That means you can access project data and information in near real-time at any point in the project lifecycle. So whether you’re still in the feasibility phase, working through the construction phase, or have achieved substantial completion and beyond, you always have your finger on the pulse.

Always On, Everywhere

As a fully cloud-based, multi-user platform with granular security, your team can access critical project data anytime, anywhere in the world. So you can discuss challenges, create solutions, and identify potential problems even when your professional and construction teams aren’t on site. Or when you’re not in the office.

That means you can access project data and information in near real-time at any point in the project lifecycle. So whether you’re still in the feasibility phase, working through the construction phase, or have achieved substantial completion and beyond, you always have your finger on the pulse.

Daily Field Reports

Capture key information about personnel and equipment on site, work hours, materials received, weather conditions, and potential issues
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Real-Time Budget Ledger

Quickly review proposed and actual budget changes, committed costs, balance to finish, and other important project financial metrics
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Macro-to-Micro Financial Oversight

Track budgets and milestones across multiple projects, with full drill-down visibility into every transaction and line item
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Detailed Workflow Analytics

Track approval response and turnaround times, past due tasks, and number of late responses by individual user and organization
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Maximized Facility Lifecycle

Seamlessly transition from construction to occupancy with warranty tracking and asset management tools
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Anticipate and Mitigate Risk

In a perfect world, the design and preconstruction phases of your real estate development projects would identify and eliminate all potential risks on every project.

But the truth is, even with the best planning and designs, every construction project risks delays, design conflicts, and many other challenges that can derail the project timeline and increase the overall budget.

Owner Insite’s data-driven tools make it easy to view critical productivity, spending, and other project data, allowing you to identify potential problems quickly and easily. Customizable reports and project management tools are easy to use – even for non-construction professionals – and will enable you to pinpoint issues to raise with your project team.

Permissions and features allow you to customize the user experience for different groups within your organization, too, so you can drill down and focus on specific elements of the work or get a global overview as needed. It also means that Owner Insite is built for collaboration, so you can get input from stakeholders at every level when you need it.

Built for Project Owners

Most construction management software is built for contractors or construction professionals.

We built Owner Insite for project owners, which means you don’t have to make it work or work around features and functionality you don’t need. It also means that while we give you access to every piece of project information in our system, the focus is always on time and money and saving more of both.

Whether you’re building one site or project or many, Owner Insite is the fastest, simplest, and most secure way to view, discuss, and decide about the things that matter most to project owners in real-time. We are built for Owners who need construction management for real estate. 


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Easy Implementation, World-Class Support

Construction is complicated. Good construction project management software shouldn’t be. We can get your project team up and running in just a couple of hours or less. And there’s no awkward trainer-of-trainers model here — our industry-leading unlimited live training and support means that you always get what you need when you need it at no extra cost. 

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