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Project Reporting

Construction project reporting is not something that you should have to create. We incorporate our reporting based off analytics on your project. So managers can digest key parts of their project information by feature.

You can get answers to the “How is the project doing?” question within our platform. And you can substantiate your position with real data and analytics. 

Furthermore, you can allow all project team members access to reporting. We have found that when people see the mechanism that is calculating the data, they tend to track all items better.

One of our key features is the ability to see any project document that is not completed. We built a required actions log for any project manager to see any of these documents.

feature project reporting

Feature Reporting

Some of the features that have our robust built in reporting:

  • Submittals
  • RFIs
  • RFCs

We will identify and hyperlink any open, due, and overdue documents. 

construction reporting analytics

Project Reporting Analytics

We provide you with the following information by feature:

  • Approval Response Time
  • Past Due
  • Turn Around time
  • Amount Late Responses
  • Average Response Days

All projects will give you this information by both individual user and company.

Construction project reporting shows Owners exactly how the project is progressing. Also communication will be faster since your team members can use documents to track the project. So you can identify where cost over run is effected and for additional ease, use our cost calculator.

If you have any questions about our reporting feature or would like to learn more call 888-336-3393 or reach out to us at Contact Us.