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Project Reporting

By incorporating your project analytics into our system, you’ll never have to worry about construction project reporting again. Our software allows managers to digest key parts of their project information by feature — and does so without requiring them to create their own report.

When you want to know how your project is doing, you can find answers easily within our project reporting by substantiating your position with real data and analytics.

One of our key features is allowing project managers access to a required actions log, which keeps track of any project documents that are not yet complete.

You can also allow all project team members access to reporting. As a result, you allow them to see the mechanism that is calculating the data, which motivates them to track all items better.

Feature Reporting

Some features that have detailed built in reporting are:

  • Submittals
  • RFIs
  • RFCs

We identify and hyperlink any open, due, and overdue documents.

construction feature project reporting
construction project reporting

Project Reporting Analytics

We provide you with the following information by feature:

  • Approval Response Time
  • Past Due
  • Turn Around time
  • Amount Late Responses
  • Average Response Dates

All projects will give you this information by individual user and company.

Our construction project reporting provides insight into exactly how the project is progressing while improving communication since your team can also use documents to track the project.

For additional ease, you can identify where cost overrun is affected by using our cost-overrun calculator.