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Document Control

Our Approach with Document Control

Secure and efficient document control is the lifeline of successful construction management. 

Optimize your project team’s efficiency by ensuring that they can seamlessly access critical information anywhere, from any device. 


According to construction industry statistics, miscommunication and inaccurate project data account for almost 50% of all rework. If project teams can’t seamlessly access, manage, and share key project information, problems are almost inevitable . . . and in construction, problems always cost time and money.

Owner Insite’s document control process eliminates confusion and keeps you in control and your team in the know.

Accountable Collaboration

Owners and project managers can easily add team members and document, track, and manage all their project information.

Automatic Version Control

By using a single project standard, accurate, up-to-date documentation is always immediately available to the stakeholders who need it.

Custom Organization

Project leaders can create and leverage custom folder structures to organize and store key project documents, ensuring no missing data.

In addition to document control, the Owner Insite platform also includes powerful design management tools that allow you to easily view, upload changes, or download current PDF versions of project drawings.

For even more extensive documentation needs, utilize our strategic partnership with Blue Lynk. A project engineer will update project drawings and provide “deep linking” to ensure that RFIs, submittals, issues, and other key documents are integrated into a comprehensive hyperlinked set of drawings.

Want to See This Feature in Action?

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