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Document Control

Having document control software for any construction project is critical, as all stakeholders should be able to access, manage, and share key project information with their project team. 

Owner Insite provides a simple document control process because we believe that is the lifeline of good construction management. 

Owners and owner reps often run into problems because they don’t have a single access point for their project teams to collaborate. Without a project standard to allow for free flow of information, everyone defaults to their own internal tools. That’s why construction teams have inconsistency, visibility issues, and miscommunication — and worse yet, teams end up making decisions based on incomplete or wrong information. 

That creates problems, and problems in construction always cost time and money.

Our Approach with Document Control

Owner Insite is a collaborative platform that supports construction teams. We make it simple for owners and project managers to add every member of their project team to our platform. In short, we enable teams to better document, track, and manage all their project information. 

Our priority is providing the best document control tools of today’s world, so we ensure accurate, up-to-date information for everyone on a project. We empower project teams with simple, predictable, and measurable means of leveraging data to get the job done. 

Powerful Tools

No more missed deadlines, information bottlenecks, miscommunications, or costly mistakes. Owner Insite makes those embarrassing issues a thing of the past. Powerful processes and tools enable documentation to be communicated, tracked, and managed quickly and seamlessly.

Here are a few examples of the key aspects of what Owner Insite will bring to your next project.

Design Management

Design management provides quick and easy access to your project drawings, allowing you to view, upload changes, or download current PDF versions of your project drawings in a snap. 

Document version control ensures project team members have the most up-to-date information. Owner Insite gives your project team complete document control in a consistent and reliable manner.

Document Control

Construction documents should be predictable and easy for project teams to understand. That’s why Owner Insite built a document control system to make organizing and storing project documents simple and seamless. 

Project leaders can leverage a custom folder structure to organize and store key project documents. Gone are the days where your project team is negatively impacted by incomplete, inaccurate, or missing information.

Blue Lynk

Need a second set of eyes on your project? How about a project engineer to cover all sides of your documentation needs? Blue Lynk is the drawing and update service your team has been looking for. 

Blue Lynk’s team provides updated revisions to project drawings and “Deep Linking” to integrate RFIs, Submittals, Issues, and other documents into a comprehensive set of drawings.

The ability to access information, documentation, and conversations should be as easy to manage in your archive as it is in your live project. We strive to ensure you can find any document you want in 4 clicks or less.