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Our Approach with Invoices

Like pay applications, the ability to efficiently, securely, and transparently manage invoices can have a direct impact on the financial health and timeline of your construction project. Owner Insite’s accounting features give you the single source of truth you need to receive, approve, and track invoices.

Owner Insite’s secure cloud-based platform allows you to tie construction invoices directly to purchase orders, making it easy to track expenditures and monitor your project’s budget regardless of whether you’re in the office or on the job site.

Monitor Invoices and POs in Real-Time

Get up-to-the-minute information on the impact of invoices and purchase orders on project budget.

Customized Invoice Approval Process

Customize and improve your workflow by choosing which commenters, approvers, and supporting documents to add.

Secure and Sustainable System

Use the log view to create a comprehensive, sustainable system for reviewing, approving, and tracking all invoices.

You need accurate information about invoices quickly, so our advanced search feature allows you to quickly find individual invoices by sorting or filtering by contract, account, status, date range, or keyword. And because we know that confidentiality is also a concern, you can

create custom partitions in the log view that allow you to share information regarding specific invoices only with approved stakeholders.

Also leverage our free custom cost-overrun calculator to identify exactly where schedule slippage or cost overages have historically occurred on projects. You may not be able to completely eliminate risk on any construction project, but Owner Insite’s construction management software can help you proactively anticipate and successfully mitigate it . . . because protecting your investment is the most important thing.

Want to See This Feature in Action?

Schedule a 20-minute demo and learn how Owner Insite’s construction management software can potentially save you millions of dollars and months of lost time.