Owner Insite

Construction Documents

Construction documents can be a broad term. Saying that means we understand the importance of these different types of documents. So we have your digital filing cabinet ready to safeguard this paperwork. 

By using Owner Insite you can take charge of your project and establish a single platform for everyone to put documents in.

creating folder structure

Document Management

Setup folder and sub folder structure. Create a template to use for several projects. Common documents stored by teams:

  • AIA Documents
  • Contracts, Addendums, Modifications
  • Service Agreements
  • Permits
  • Testing Results

Drag and drop attachments and photos in any folder!

construction documents log

Construction Documents Log

Your records are available at your fingertips. Customize your folders for convenience and privacy. 

Furthermore, you decide what folders are visible to your team and who can view or upload more documents. So you can be sure your documents are secure and only seen by authorized users.

Owner Insite not only holds this documentation for you but preserves it. So you can find any of these documents in your project within 4 clicks or less. Furthermore, all information is visible in your project archive in the same manner.

Owners keep all information in perpetuity. Additionally, the archive allows compliance with construction litigation hold requirements.

If you have any questions about our documents filing cabinet or would like to learn more call. 888-336-3393 Reach out to us at Contact Us.