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Manage Construction Documents the Right Way

When most people think of construction, they think of mountains of dirt, hard hats, and heavy equipment. They probably don’t immediately think of construction documents or document retention. Read more about your document retention requirements at constructionlitigationhold.com

However, if you’re a construction professional or project owner, you know that that’s precisely what keeps the wheels turning and boots on the ground. Without construction paperwork, we wouldn’t have permits when we need them. We wouldn’t have health and safety plans, and we wouldn’t have updated ITC drawings when we needed them.

Construction generates mountains of paperwork, documents, and records, and managing them is an ongoing struggle for companies and organizations at every level of every project. That’s why Owner Insite’s secure, cloud-based, collaborative software was built to include a simple, intuitive, and customizable document storage solution.

Information is power, and that’s never more true than in a multi-million dollar construction project. Owner Insite gives you the ability to gather all the critical information in one digital space . . . which means that you’ll always be able to make the best data-informed decisions possible.

Custom Templates

Create custom drag-and-drop folder hierarchies to streamline uploading and organizing key project documents.

Secure Access

Set custom permissions to prevent unauthorized users from viewing or downloading sensitive information.

Legal Protection

Automatically archive documents at closeout to protect your organization in the event of post-construction litigation.


Construction project teams are large and diverse. They’re also often geographically separated. It’s not uncommon for a project owner to be in a different city or state than their architects and engineers. Collaborating and sharing critical data regardless of physical distance and across all levels of the project team is vital, so we built granular security permissions and easy cloud access into Owner Insite.


Construction documents contain confidential and proprietary information and can also be key should there ever be any litigation or negotiation related to a project. Keeping your construction documents secure is paramount, so we ensure our platform and servers have the best possible security protocols.


Storing construction documents is only one part of the puzzle. Finding the document you need, when you need it, adds a whole new level of complexity. That’s why we made the Owner Insite platform easy to navigate, gave our clients tools to build custom document storage categories and directories, and made it easy to search for information when needed.


Our clients have moved away from dusty bankers’ boxes in storage lofts and filing rooms. It is hard to find the construction documents you need when you need them, but sharing them is also tricky. Scanning, copying, mailing, and sending documents by courier belong firmly in the 20th century. These days, you can download, attach, and email documents in seconds, with no dust and no scanner required.

Built with the Project Owner in Mind

Like everything we built into the Owner Insite platform, our construction document storage and archiving systems are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Our team of construction project management specialists built the system they always knew they needed but could never find elsewhere. When you have finished your project and the builder’s warranty has ended, we will archive your project upon request. You will then have a complete duplication of your project in a read-only format that is yours perpetually.

So, if you’re looking for a modern, easy-to-use, affordable, and efficient method of storing construction documents from pre-construction, during, and post-construction phases, Owner Insite can help.

Construction documents are crucial to many decisions, processes, and even litigation, and Owner Insite ensures they’re always at your fingertips. If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to us at Contact Us

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