Who We Serve

board members

As a board member, it’s your responsibility to help fulfill the mission and vision of the organization, whether it’s a school district, a university, a hospital, or a corporation. Providing financial oversight on behalf of your constituents is vital — especially when it comes to big-budget capital projects that can make or break an organization.

As the industry’s only construction project management software developed specifically for owners, Owner Insite gives you the high-level visibility you need and the ease of use you want.

Access Information Anywhere

Never be caught flat-footed by a constituent question again. Our secure cloud-based platform lets you log in from any WiFi-connected desktop, laptop, or mobile device to view real-time data on all your construction master program. Monitor progress at a macro level across all projects, or drill down to see specific activities or milestones for any individual project.

construction management software on multiple devices

Board Members Maintain Fiscal Responsibility

Use the program reporting feature to group all projects related to a specific bond issue or capital campaign. Check balance to finish to monitor budgetary impact against the total allocated amount, quickly identify areas of concern, and track any unexpected changes to project scope or schedule. 


Information is more than just power. It’s vital for steering an organization to a successful, sustainable future. Give us just 20 minutes to show you how Owner Insite can ensure that you’ll always have the accurate, up-to-date information you need to be the best steward of your organization’s resources.