Owner Insite

Board Members

We have listened to our clients over the years and have utilized their input. As a result we have the only project management software that helps board members with financial reporting. School board members and corporate board members have complete transparent oversight. So using Owner Insite, you can oversee any project(s) or portfolio expenditures.

Owner Insite was developed to free up your time by providing instant transparency with any renovation, new construction, and Bond Program. The high level financial reporting can generate reports broken down by any project and campus as well as it’s impact against your bond package.

Board Members Updates

Board members have a full range of responsibilities that they inherit with their position.

Members often need to hold update briefings for their stakeholders and constituents.

Now, they can give instant updates from their mobile device.


board member financial view

Financial Oversight

The oversight reporting tools must be powerful enough to see all the critical data as well as any unexpected changes in real-time. 

But the software can not be so complex that it requires you to go through a course and receive a certificate.

So we designed our Master Programs view with these two issues at it’s core.

Now, corporate board members have information at their fingertips. PTA meetings, sub committee’s and any other constituents are now updated on how their money is being spent. Capital Improvement Plan and Bond Programs, are instantly understandable. Construction progress and financial standings are always visible to you and your members in a single software.

Members can use our Power BI integration to enhance any reports or presentations.

If you have questions about our features for Board Memebrs. Call 888-336-3393 or reach out to us at Contact Us