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Use our reporting tools to track as much data as you see fit. We give you the ability to record data on your facilities and know who is responsible for specific areas. Using Asset Insite, you will have the ability to track equipment, assign admins to specific domains, and use tools to keep everyone involved with your facility on the same page.

Calendar Tool

Schedule meetings, events, and keep everyone up to date on your facility. By using the calendar tool, you can keep everyone aware of what rooms aren’t available, the day’s plans, and the maintenance schedules.

Reporting By Equipment

The Reporting section allows you to view the work order ticket that connects to any asset. You can view tickets by equipment, location, or by the category naming convention used on the facility for ticket submission.

Category Management Options

Create even more categories so you can track data and manage your facility exactly how you want to. You can also change your visibility by making categories private to limit who can see information on a sensitive ticket. Lastly, you can add any new equipment you want to so you can always ensure it’s being cared for and recorded.