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Director of Construction

There’s arguably no more critical role in the success of a capital project than the Director of Construction. To ensure that your buildings are ready on time and on budget, you need a single source of truth: accurate, up-to-the minute information about every aspect of any project. And whether you’re in the office, the board room, or the job site, you need to be able to access that information quickly, reliably, and securely.

Owner Insite gives you that in an intuitive, cloud-based platform that allows you to find any information on any project in 4 clicks or less. Maintain full visibility over your entire construction program, from planning to closeout. And ensure that you — not contractors or consultants — always keep full control over approvals and workflows.

Optimize AEC collaboration

With so many internal and external stakeholders engaged on even a single project, communication and collaboration are key. So is accountability. Owner Insite’s construction project management software gives you easy-to-use tools that keep everyone on the same page, always. And with unlimited users per project, it’s simple to add whoever you need, whenever you need, at no extra cost.

construction project reporting

Director of Construction has complete oversight

Owner Insite’s role-based access allows you to customize workflows based on your organization’s needs. Specify approvers and commenters across your entire construction program or by individual project. Use robust reporting tools to view completed, pending, or overdue action items, and track turnaround times to better hold stakeholders accountable.

Maximize short-term and long-term ROI

It’s impossible to completely eliminate risk, but our powerful suite of budgeting and scheduling features helps you anticipate and mitigate that risk, both during construction and after occupancy. Digitally archive all documents related to the project, including contracts and warranty information, to ensure that you maximize your investment by reducing your long-term M&O costs. And in the event of post-closeout litigation, you and your organization are protected.

Your construction program is critical to your organization’s future. Don’t risk it by relying on big-box project management software created to make contractors’ jobs easier instead of protecting owners’ interests.

Give us just 20 minutes to show you how Owner Insite keeps you informed and in charge at every step.