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Director of Construction

Director of construction is an important role for any construction project. You are often charged with the responsibility for project timelines and completion. Also the project budget and contracts are often entrusted to you for accuracy without overage.

Complete Oversight

We have many Reporting tools in place for any construction manager to leverage. Two of the most leveraged are:

  • My Action Items – see what items are pending or awaiting response from any user across all your projects on one log.
  • Required Actions – see what items are pending or awaiting response from any user for a specific project. 
director of construction

Construction Managers

Your project is easier for you when you don’t have to limit your teams access.  We do not charge per seat so you can have as many users as you need on a project.
Focus on the project, we know your time is valuable. So we will train every person you bring onto a project. 
Additionally, we will provide any ongoing training or support as needed by your team at no extra cost

Identify turn around times for any document. Find cost overruns at our cost overrun calculator. Any construction manager can use these tools and more to be efficient on any project. 

If you want to learn more call. 888-336-3393 or reach out to us at Contact Us