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Asset Tracking

Asset tracking keeps all your documents, certifications, and paperwork in one location for your team to manage. Since your data is all in one place, managers and maintainers can access OEM manuals, warranty information, tech specifications, and more from a single platform. In addition, your facility can have specific assets that are whatever piece of equipment or location you deem you want the software to track.

Track Your Assets

Store valuable information in one location:

  • Installation Date
  • Commissioning Date
  • Commissioning Agent
  • Warranty Status and Expiration
  • Point of Contact (POC)
  • Replacement Cost


By using our asset tracking software, you can track all data in a table that has 16 different headings.

Hide columns to view necessary data and make your table less cluttered. Track all your equipment and keep a detailed log. Export the document into an Excel sheet so you can store it on your computer or access it on the Cloud.


Locations can be valuable and often offer unique capabilities for a company. By using asset-tracking software, you’ll be able to understand the ins and outs of your facility.

With Asset Insite, you get 20 different headers for locations to help you track everything. Additionally, there is a description box that allows you to include any information you deem important, so you can easily figure out who’s responsible for maintaining the area, the lease expiration date, and so much more.  

The monitoring and analysis of valued items owned by a business is essential for understanding your equipment’s life cycle. By using our asset tracking software, you can have proper accountability and responsibility for those that use the equipment on a daily basis. Lastly, the tracking of all scheduled preventative maintenance and unscheduled work order repairs will give you insight to your equipment.