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Design Management

In today’s world, construction companies are often tasked with taking care of design management, and oftentimes, the designs are an ongoing process. This is the main reason why your team needs access to the most current drawings — and we make this process simple and easy.

Easily Accessible

Construction design management documents can be uploaded and accessed from anywhere, and you can easily share the plan with the whole project team.

Owner Insite uses version control, which means everyone stays informed and up to date with the most recent changes — but you can always access previous editions if needed.

custom roles

Secured Design Management Access

Not everyone who has access to your project needs to see everything. 

 Owner Insite has established workflows by role and permission access while ensuring that both visibility and upload control are precise. You can allow each project member to access only the areas of construction data that are relevant to them — and yes, you can also build custom roles.

Construction project teams can upload and download drawings with ease. Use Owner Insite’s design management tab to keep the rest of your team in the loop. You can even take advantage of Blue Lynk’s digital document control services.