How We Help

Power BI

Power BI can allow you to make better decisions by analyzing your data in an easy manner. You will now be able to visualize and share your data in a better way. This will allow you to communicate better to your Owner, or constituents. Moreover, business intelligence will aid you in telling the true project progress.

Power BI Dashboard

A powerful dashboard that will help bridge the gap between data and decision makers.

Business Intelligence and its graphics is another way information is being consumed.

Communication is not only faster but more substantive.

Understanding The Day To Day

Look at key aspects of any project or portfolio. Both Submittals and RFIs can have a financial impact. Identify any tendencies while ensuring standards are being implemented across your portfolio.

Leverage Power BI and our post-mortem project evaluation tool. Our cost overrun calculator helps you see exactly how slippage effected the project.

Your project team members are busy creating the vision of facility owner. Yet, it doesn’t mean that if you are the one who needs to brief either the C-suite, shareholders, or constituents that you don’t want any easy way to do it. Correct, this is not a feature that everyone on your team needs but the few that do will be happy to have it.