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Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

The most important element for the longevity of your tools and equipment is preventive maintenance scheduling. Your equipment status must be checked periodically to fix small problems before they become disastrous. This will guarantee your equipment will last longer, run smoothly, and give you the best return on your investment.

However, maintaining equipment can be tedious and easy to forget. The best way to ensure you maintain your equipment is to plan ahead. As you begin to see your facility’s health improve, you will stay motivated to stick to your maintenance schedule.

Feature Rich Dashboard

Our powerful dashboard will give you a high-level overview of your entire facility. This includes the ability to monitor how many tickets are new, open, and closed.

Watch the overall status of your facility in just a few clicks by viewing your assets, navigating to the calendar, creating a new ticket, or accessing your other categories through the sidebar.

Calendar Tool

Staying on top of your preventive maintenance will drastically improve the health of your equipment and facility. To help you do that, we made it easy to schedule your maintenance with our calendar tool in an area for everyone to see.

Like changing the oil in your car, your equipment has needs that will shorten its lifespan if left unattended. Asset Insite allows you to keep everything running smoothly.

Contracted Preventive Maintenance

Tracking the vendors that service your equipment is essential. With AI, you can create a work order ticket that ties the service information with the asset for future analysis. 

Asset Insite helps you plan your preventive maintenance in a useful calendar and track the health of your equipment. By using the Dashboard, you can see how your facility is running and if you are staying on top of its needs. By viewing your assets, you can check on specific equipment and see how many tickets have been produced.