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chief financial officer

Statistics show that 70% of all construction projects exceed their budget by 10% or more. Large projects can do so by as much as 80%.

As the individual primarily responsible for overseeing the financial health of a construction project, the Construction CFO needs complete visibility into both current and projected costs to maintain budgetary control. Owner Insite’s intuitive but powerful budget and accounting tools help you anticipate and mitigate financial risks to complete projects on-budget and on-time.

Budget and Accounting Power

Never be caught by double billing or over payment issues again. Quickly view, comment, and approve or deny expenses, purchase orders, payment applications, change proposals, and change orders.

And use the spreadsheet view to easily track key indicators like committed costs, balance to finish, and budget changes in real time. In 4 clicks or less, you can access any information on any project, ensuring that you’ll never be out of the loop.

Customizable Comptroller View

Eliminate the need to use time-intensive, error-prone Excel spreadsheets to oversee your projects budget and accounting. Owner Insite’s comptroller view allows you to zoom out to see a real-time snapshot of an entire construction program or zoom into the workflow of any specific project.

Never lose sight of projected, committed, and actual construction costs. Then respond to shifting conditions by changing project approval and notification safeguards as needed.

Construction CFO’s know numbers don’t lie. But if you can’t quickly sift through the noise to find the numbers that matter most, the financial health of your projects can suffer. Owner Insite gives you a secure, easy-to-use, and highly collaborative platform for ensuring that the activities of your contractors and consultants are completely transparent from planning to close-out.

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