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What Our Customers Say

No matter what we tell you about the benefits of our construction project management software,
nothing matters more than what our customers say.

“Prior to Owner Insite, we were compiling multiple spreadsheets and logs and relying on emails to make sure that we could track the progress of the project. The attention provided to every function and how it interacts with the different tabs provides for an integrated, seamless user experience. The ability to send documents via email to the system is one of my favorite features, but the transparency between the GC, architect, and other stakeholders when submittals, RFI's, and ASI's are created and approved makes Owner Insite your best tool for your projects. The project is documented, changes are transparent, and there is less ‘blame game.’ It has been a game changer for us in construction management.

But Owner Insite's best feature is not the software but the customer service provided by the Owner Insite team. They believe in their product and work with your team to make sure that it is properly implemented, utilized, and updated with new features. Integration with our existing business practices was seamless.”
-JoAnn R.
Vice President of Asset & Construction Management, BGC Advantage
“The ease of use and the real time data is very important to us. Keeping all of the project data in one place is awesome! It has eliminated the need to enter the project data in to 4 different software applications. I love the fact that I can retrieve any data from our projects in an instant. OI has helped us keep us on track with our bond projects and deliver them under budget and on time!

Support from the OI team is very important to us. We appreciate being able to call or email and get a quick and helpful response. OI has been a great partner with RISD and we hope to continue to use OI in the years to come.”
-Melanie P.
Facility Services Specialist, Rockwall ISD
“Using Owner Insite has been like having five more people on our team who manage, organize, coordinate and disseminate information at the right time to the right people — but we don't have to pay for salary or healthcare! I've used a number of similar programs and Owner Insite is by far the most intuitive I've used. General Contractors and Architects can jump in and start using it from day one with minimal training. Once established the communication pathways seamlessly manage critical document dissemination with the touch of a button.

The program is such an asset to our company that we present it as an important part of each our construction management proposals. The staff is so much more than helpful — they feel more like co-workers. I can't imagine trying to do a project without them . . .”
-Regina H.
Assistant Project Manager, Downey & Scott
“Amazing system! The ease of creating and updating projects in Owner Insite was great. Managing budgets and adding change orders was easy to accomplish and kept the budget up-to-date. And the team at Owner Insite is very knowledgeable and worked with me on implementing changes or adding features.”
-Bethany E.
Project Cost Analyst, Bergeman Group
“Everything we need is right at our fingertips, during and after construction. And that information stays ours, not someone else’s. It’s the ultimate insurance policy.”
-Brandon B.
Executive Director of Facilities & Maintenance, Allen ISD
“Very user friendly and great customer service!”
-Maggie S.
Project Administrator, Bernards
“Amazing software and support team. The basic software includes many applications that would be considered upgrades to other programs. And it’s so easy to use — all team members were able to quickly become proficient in using the accounting, design, and document management features. Archival of design and construction documents is challenging and often an afterthought. Owner Insite makes electronic documents accessible and easy to retrieve, even years after completion of the project.”
-Gerald A.
Assistant Administrator for Planning, Design & Construction, University Medical Center of El Paso
“Owner Insite has moved us into the next generation of project management with more accurate project accounting, team collaboration and transparency. The tools are designed in an easy-to-use way that gets us and our clients access to the information they need in a timely and concise manner.”
-Paul W.
President, Wember, Inc.
“We’ve used other construction management software tools before but nothing as easy to manage as Owner Insite. It’s a very straightforward tool that is simple to learn but provides all the features you would want in a project management software. The Owner Insite team makes it easy to integrate new players and provides all the necessary training so projects can run seamlessly from Day One.”
-Adam N.
President, Skybeck Construction LLC
“My experience with customer support at Owner Insite has been exceptional. This is one of the best project management tools I have seen!”
-Brian H.
Material Procurement, Benning Construction
“There is no better way to organize and manage your project than through Owner Insite.”
-Jeremy T.
Project Manager, MD Anderson Cancer Center
“Owner Insite has been an invaluable tool for efficient and effective project management communications.”
-Jennifer F.
CLR Design
“Owner Insite was a critical tool for the success of our project by allowing for organized budget-keeping keeping that was accessible to ownership at any given time. The instantaneous flow of information kept all parties engaged throughout the project.”
-Matt W.
Project Manager, Wember, Inc.
“Owner Insite helps me keep track of where each job is in real time. It gives me visibility and facilitates communication across the board for all players. Our clients know what’s going on every second of each project. Using OI has saved us from the hassle of constantly searching for documents related to our projects. They are always there, right at our fingertips, whenever and wherever we happen to be.”
-Eric L.
President, Crimson Builders
“Owner Insite is an excellent tool for communicating with the project team. Our clients love the ability to remain updated on a regular basis with the daily reports and project pictures. They can see the progress virtually and comment as necessary, making the construction process run much smoother and faster. It’s a huge hit on all our projects with all our clients.”
-David F.
President, Fischer Consulting and Management, Inc.
“The best thing about Owner Insite is that it is cloud-based. We can get to it from anywhere with Wifi and it looks the same across all platforms: phone, tablet, any device. Owner Insite provides a medium to ask questions and get it documented so everyone is aware of the issue and can view and understand the answer. The result is fewer questions later on.”
-Cecil C.
Director of Construction, Frisco ISD
“This is a great system! Owner Insite has been in use at our district for several years now and has been a really great software for us. Anytime we have questions or run into an issue, their staff is always there to help us without delay. The system is very user friendly, simple for all project stakeholders, and gives our team the visibility across all of our construction projects throughout the district.”
-Alfredo O.
Coordinator of District Operations, Socorro ISD
“Owner Insite is the most powerful and economical project management software on the market. I have used a wide variety of project management software and Owner Insite is hands-down the most user-friendly of them all. The staff and development team worked overtime to incorporate some standard forms we use every day and created a web form for us to use. Owner Insite has simplified the management process for us and has become an integral part of our daily lives.”
-Ben R.
Project Manager, Northstar Builders
“Owner Insite submittals have been great for us. The architect gives their stamp of approval directly in Owner Insite and the submittal then becomes a permit that can be viewed in the field instantly. It’s faster, easier, and eliminates a step in the process. The best part: no more lost paperwork!”
-Delia R.
Project Coordinator, Vistacon Ventures, Inc.
“Owner Insite is my one-stop shop for the lifeline of a retail construction project. Everything I need is right there, 100%.”
-Ricard B.
Senior Construction Project Manager, Landmark Retail Corp.