Owner Insite

Customer Reviews

Owner Insite is the most powerful and economical project management software on the market.  I have used a wide variety of project management software and Owner Insite is hands down the most user friendly of them all.  The staff and development team worked overtime to incorporate some standard forms we use every day and created a web form for us to use.  Owner Insite has simplified the management process for us and has become an integral part of our daily lives.

There are a number of other tools that are available to address maintenance, reliability and repair work execution, but there is not a specific tool designed to aid an owner in managing the operations readiness information, and preparation for managing the life of the asset during a construction project. Owner Insite has developed a system ideally suited for post construction and warranty management.

Richard Ragsdale

Owner Insite submittals have been great for us. The architect gives their stamp of approval directly in Owner Insite and the submittal then becomes a permit that can be viewed in the field instantly. It’s faster, easier, and eliminates a step in the process. The best part: no more lost paperwork!

Delia Rivera,
Project Coordinator, Vistacon Ventures, Inc.

Owner Insite was a critical tool for the success of our project by allowing for organized budget keeping that was accessible to the multiple ownership parties at any given time. The instantaneous flow of information kept all parties engaged and comfortable throughout the project. See Success Story.

We’ve used other construction management software tools before but nothing as easy to manage as Owner Insite. It’s a very straightforward tool that is simplistic to learn but provides all the features you would want in a project management software. The Owner Insite team makes it easy to integrate new players and provides all the necessary training so projects can run seamlessly from day one. See Success Story.

We have been using Owner Insite for several years and it has been an excellent tool for communicating with the project team.  Our clients love the ability to remain updated on a regular basis with the daily reports and project pictures which saves them time from having to visit the site as frequently as they had to in the past.  They can see the progress virtually and comment as necessary making the construction process run much smoother and faster.  This has led to repeat work as this tool is a huge hit on all our projects with all our clients.

David Fischer,
President, Fischer Consulting and Management, Inc. - Atlanta, Georgia

Owner Insite is the full service project management software that allows Owners to see documents from feasibility Studies all the way thru Maintenance Manuals. Rather than utilizing numerous programs, O-I is one stop shopping that included planning, budgeting, pre-construction, permitting, construction and closeout to happen in the same program. Utilizing only one program is advantageous for all parties.

One of the biggest benefits and advantages of Owner Insite is the extremely quick and professional support that is offered. O-I is available by talking to a qualified person or thru email, and every time there is an issue I get an immediate response. If the issue can’t be addressed right away, I was given a timeframe when the issue would be resolved and every time the issue has been corrected sooner than expected. I have even worked directly with Steve Harper, the CEO, you rarely find a person in Steve’s position work with you to correct an issue and then follow up to make sure I was satisfied.

Mike M.,
General Contractor, Boston MA

We’ve been proud clients and users of Owner Insite for over 3 years now. We’ve used OI to successfully manage over 10 projects. Our clients and our design partners love it.

Our field managers use all the modules from the daily field reports, to the SWPPP and Safety Inspection forms to seamlessly communicate issues and status of each project in real time and our Project Managers use it to track and stay on budget.

Using OI has saved us from having to set up and attend weekly meetings with our clients because they know what’s going on every second of each project. It has also saved us from the hassle of constantly searching for documents related to our projects. They are always there, right at our fingertips, whenever and wherever we happen to be. See Success Story.

This is a great system! Owner Insite has been in use at our district for several years now and has been a really great software for us.  Anytime we have questions or run into an issue their staff is always there to help us without delay. The system is very user friendly, simple for all project stakeholders and gives our team the visibility across all of our construction projects throughout the district.

Owner Insite allows us to easily communicate with the major project players, i.e. architects, consultants and contractors.  All required documentation is on the program allowing ease of collaboration and project progress.

Construction Field Coordinator, Texas

Steve and his team are very responsive to any questions or suggestions I have had.  They go the distance to work with our specific needs and I have experienced a real customer service focused organization.  I would highly recommend their product and their team.

Project Accountant, Colorado

Owner Insite is a powerful tool in Project Management. Very user friendly and ideal for owners who like to participate and know every detail of the project and for those who like to watch from the sideline as well. It offers a variety of features to help you manage your project. The Owner Insite Newsfeed is one of my favorite features, it helps the user stay informed while managing a program.

Marcos G.,
Software Coordinator, Orlando Florida

The best thing about Owner Insite is that it is cloud-based. We can get to it from anywhere with Wifi and it looks the same across all platforms: phone, tablet, any device. Owner Insite provides a medium to ask questions and get it documented so everyone is aware of the issue and can view and understand the answer. The result is fewer questions later on. See Success Story.

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