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Work Order Management

Our Approach with Work Order Management

Maximizing the lifecycle of critical assets begins with having effective work order management system. The ability to efficiently track maintenance issues — especially those related to unscheduled downtime — is key to making informed budgetary decisions about the costs of repair versus replacement.

Asset Insite’s platform leverages an easy, intuitive work order ticketing system to track all unscheduled maintenance. Maintain visibility about materials, labor, and any maintenance contracts associated with the asset that needs attention.

Easily Track Every Work Ticket

Sortable and exportable view allows you to see every work ticket for your facility and easily analyze the associated data.

Create a Comprehensive Record for Every Asset

Track more than a dozen important details, and attach supplementary notes and descriptions.

Improve Work Order Efficiency

Use the time audit and associated user features to optimize workflow and minimize unscheduled downtime.

Having a clear, real-time view of the accumulated costs associated with an asset is essential for getting the most from your facility investment. Asset Insite allows you to quickly view the rollup of any asset. In tandem with the Facility Insite capital planning software platform, it can give your planning team an accurate, 360-degree view of every aspect of your facility. That helps ensure that proposed replacement or renovation projects effectively address both your short-term and long-term facility needs.

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