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Work Order Management

Our work order management starts by leveraging your work order ticketing to track all the unscheduled maintenance for your facilities. You can track all the important aspects related to maintenance like materials, labor, and any maintenance contracts associated with the project.

The lifecycle of every asset starts with having a solid work order management system. The combination of work order ticket repairs and your preventive maintenance service schedule is where it all begins.

Track Every Ticket

To track all of your maintenance, you can view a list of every ticket your facility has generated.

In this view, you can sort the order of your tickets however you like to analyze the data. When you’re done, export the table into an Excel spreadsheet to share with your team or keep on a local hard drive.

Track Essential Details

There are over 15 individual details to track everything you need as well as more data recorded at the bottom of the page. You have the ability to track as many of these details as necessary on your ticket.

If there is still not enough detail, you can add notes and descriptions to create as in-depth a record as you want.

Even More at the Bottom

At the bottom of every ticket, you have access to a history that records everything that happens with that asset.

Additionally, there is a time audit to track the cost of dealing with the ticket as well as a list of users who have access to that ticket. Lastly, you have the ability to upload any additional images and files that are associated with the ticket.

Our work order management was created to streamline your work orders by identifying the accumulated cost associated with your asset to give you valuable information. You can view the rollup of any asset on the Facilities Reporting page. You can even connect your cost data to our Facilities and Capital Planning software so your team can view the lifecycle while they plan for future replacement or renovation projects.