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Warranty Tracking

Our Approach with Warranty Tracking

The ability to seamlessly track construction warranties should be an integral part of any successful construction management process. If — or more accurately, when — issues arise after project close-out, you need the ability to protect your investment by quickly accessing relevant documents.

That process begins even before close-out. Your project team needs an easy, efficient method to input and track warranty documents throughout construction to ensure that no information is lost. And once you’ve transitioned to occupancy, you need a secure, organized, and searchable archive for those critical warranty documents.

Capture Key Information for Project and Facilities Teams

Quickly add manufacturer, serial and part numbers, installation dates, final completion date, commission date, and commissioning agent.

Customizable Log View Gives You Comprehensive Oversight

Display up to 20 columns of information, allowing you to decide what data you want to see and how you want to see it.

Identify Important Outstanding Warranty Documents Before Close-Out

Ensure that you get all necessary data from stakeholders and vendors while you have leverage.

Your facility data will never be cleaner or more accurate than it is at close-out. Owner Insite’s tracking and archiving tools help ensure that you capture the information your facilities and maintenance staff will need to optimize your building’s systems. Access all OEM and supplemental documents in 4 clicks or less, minimizing unscheduled downtime and making recertification easier.

To further maximize your investment, use our Asset Insite software to create a preventative maintenance schedule, create and track work order tickets, and monitor equipment lifecycle. And use our free Warranty Insite tool to learn about the laws regarding warranties for your state. 

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