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Field Reports

Our Approach with Field Reports

The more visibility you have as the owner into the day-to-day status of your job site, the better for your project timeline and budget. Owner Insite’s field reports feature empowers you to automatically track progress and proactively spot problems.   

Successful construction project management depends on being able to mitigate risk . . . and mitigating risk depends on your ability to identify issues before they escalate into crises that threaten your bottom line. Whether you’ve previously called it a construction site report, an observation report, a daily progress report, or a field production report, the purpose is the same. Our field report feature lets you automatically view specific details from a particular day’s activities. That means you’ll see errors, slippages, and problems before they become irreversible.

Track Key Project Details

Instantly view info about personnel and equipment on site, materials received, work hours, and weather conditions.

Respond Quickly With Informed Action

Add photos, commenters, or even create an issue directly from the report to minimize delays.

Cloud-Based Accessibility

View field reports and respond to issues on any web-enabled desktop or mobile device

Whatever your needs, field reports will help ensure that your project stays on-schedule and on-budget. Maximize your job site inspections and improve accountability by recording data from your visits, including: date performed, report title, inspector name, attachments, and any associated categories.

Quickly create a work-hour report to validate against performance, or use the easy-to-read log view to communicate important details about daily progress and necessary actions. You and your stakeholders will never be out of the loop.

Want to See This Feature in Action?

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