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Field Reports

Welcome to our Field Reports. You might have previously called this feature something like a construction site report, observation report, daily progress report, or field production report. Whatever your preferred terminology, the desired result is that you’re able to access an official document where you can view specific details from a particular day’s activities.

Know Your Project

This feature starts with observations and ends with details about the project’s current status and details of the day’s activities. You can track:

  • Personnel on site
  • Work hours
  • Equipment on site
  • Weather conditions
  • Materials received

You can also add photos, commenters, and even have the ability to create an issue directly from the report.

daily report log view

Construction Field Reports Log

The log view will display:

  • Date performed
  • Title of report
  • Who performed it
  • Attachments
  • Categories associated with report


Easily Accessible

Conveniently create a work-hour report to validate against performance, or create an easy-to-read log to show every detail so you can easily inspect your project. Whatever your needs, field reports will help you stay on top of your project by recording data from your visits to ensure the project is going in the right direction. 

By having your data in a central place, everyone stays on the same page. Data needs to be stored in a place that’s easily accessible so owners can always see their daily progress reports — and Owner Insite makes all this a breeze.