Construction Project Reporting Tools

construction project reporting

Every day, multiple things happen on your construction project. Progress is being made and you – the owner – need to be constantly in the know about what is happening. Comprehensive and real-time project reporting tools is an absolute necessity for you and your team to ensure that everyone knows what’s going on, what has happened, and what needs to happen next. 


When it comes to reporting, project managers need to be able to quickly identify what stakeholders have outstanding items that might impede progress. It is imperative to the timeline and budget of the project that delays and issues are identified quickly before they become a crisis. 


It’s also important to have reporting tools that are easy to use. Spending endless amounts of time poring through your construction project management software trying to find the right report or information negates the purpose of having a powerful management tool. You should be able to get to the reporting tools you need in four clicks or less. Owner Insite gives you that power. 


For example, let’s say you have a stakeholder that is falling behind in their timeline, and you need to know how that’s going to affect the rest of the project. With OI, you can use data-informed reporting to show how the timeline will be impacted and discern what changes need to be made to accommodate the necessary edits to the schedule.


Owner Insite was built with the owner in mind, and with keeping communication open and flowing at all times. Robust reporting tools are just one of the many ways we give you the power to track and manage your projects in real-time.


When picking your construction project management software, pay special attention to the reporting. This is what will keep you informed, on time, and on budget.

Does your project management software:

  • Sort items and actions by user or company to determine where to focus your attention.
  • Find and flag open, due, and overdue documents to minimize delays
  • Track response times, past due actions, and number of late responses
  • Utilize email and SMS text reminders
  • Have built in analytics displaying; average approval response times, number of late responses or past due items, turn-around times, and response dates.
  • Easily see the status of items related to project RFIs, RFCs, and Submittals: open, due, or overdue.

These project reporting tools should be automatic; you shouldn’t have to waste time creating custom reports for information that should be readily available. 


Your reporting should never be a hassle. It’s there to provide valuable data and updates giving you much-needed information on the status and health of your project. You need to have real-time data right at your fingertips so you can make data-informed decisions for the future of your project. Your reporting should be accessible to everyone on the team, easy to use and understand, and most importantly, completely accurate. Good reporting is a great way to ensure a smooth running project. 

Owner Insite’s construction project reporting tools place the knowledge and power firmly in your hands. Contact us today for a free demo.

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