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You’d assume that as the “owner” of a construction project, you’d be central to the process. It’s your vision. It’s your future. And, ultimately, you’re the one signing the checks.

But all too often owners are systematically kept out of the loop during the construction process, unable to get accurate updates about the real status of the build. Given only a trickle of sanitized information by third party contractors and consultants, they are only told the truth when the project is in danger of grinding to a halt or significantly exceeding its budget.

Why do project teams keep owners in the dark? Because they can.

They may claim it’s because owners don’t have the time or industry knowledge to get down into the details. But the realty is that they just don’t want to have to answer too many questions or justify their actions unless it becomes absolutely necessary.

By then, it’s usually bad news for your timeline or your budget . . . or both. This is why we provide Construction Project Management Software for Owners!

Owner Software - Visibility is your best defense

Without real visibility into every aspect of your project, you’re flying blind. And that means that you’re also risking unexpected change orders, unanticipated cost overruns, and potentially disastrous schedule delays.

Our construction project management software for Owners, is the only platform specifically developed to protect your interests as the project owner. It gives you visibility into and control over every document and every piece of project information, from planning all the way to close-out. With just couple of clicks, go from a global view of the status of all your organization’s construction projects to detailed real-time information about a specific site.

And our secure, cloud-based platform makes it easy to access that information from anywhere, on any device, at any time. No more depending on scheduled project update meetings as your sole source of news — you’re always informed and in charge thanks to our robust Project Reporting functionality.

construction project management software displayiing financial data

A single source of truth

Whether you’re building a new facility or renovating an existing one, the success of your construction project depends on the ability of many stakeholders to collaborate effectively. But when your contractor, architect and engineer all use different software platforms to manage their project roles and responsibilities, confusion and miscommunication are all but certain.

By providing all your stakeholders with a single collaborative platform on which to share information, Owner Insite sets clear expectations and rules of engagement for every action, every decision, and every dollar allocated. That improves efficiency and helps significantly reduce the risk of ballooning budgets and timelines.

Among the tools designed to maximize your team’s efforts are the following functions:

  • Email to Project
  • User-Required Actions
  • Download/Upload Audit Details
  • User/Org Project Audit Details
  • Daily Newsfeed to Your Email

Clear Accountability using Owner Software

Owner Insite ensures that you, not your contractor or architect, stay in control during construction. If issues arise, you’ll have the information you need to hold stakeholders accountable and protect your interests. At closeout, you’ll automatically receive all project documentation in a digitally time-stamped archive, helping you not only limit your liability in the event of litigation, but also stay in compliance with your state’s document retention requirements.

And because there’s no doubt about who is in control of the process, your entire project team is incentivized to act more collaboratively, responsibly, and proactively. They’ll communicate more effectively and complete their project tasks more efficiently. That translates directly into savings for you.

construction project management software for owners meeting

The Owner Insite advantage

We’re not just another software platform. We’re a member of your team. And our sole focus is on protecting your interests and helping you transform your project vision into a reality. 

That’s why we give you: 

  • Unlimited users on every project
  • Unlimited training 
  • Unlimited live support
  • Unlimited document storage

Information is power. With Owner Insite’s construction project management software platform, you’ll never have to surrender yours. More than software, we help you build your best future today.

We’d love the opportunity to partner with you on your next construction project. Give us just 20 minutes to show you how Owner Insite help you streamline your construction process, optimize your facility’s lifecycle, and maximize your ROI.