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 You would assume the “owner” of a construction project to be the most important role on that project. After all, it’s a culmination of their vision and their investment which makes the construction project possible.
So why are they not? Why are they often kept in the dark and only consulted when things are close to or are already hitting the fan?
Project teams often keep the owner in the dark and sanitize what information they share because they can. Sure, they make the excuse that an owner doesn’t want to get mired down in the details but honestly, they simply don’t want too many questions or input from the owner until it is absolutely necessary. 
Without proper visibility owners are flying blind on their construction project. They open themselves up to change orders, cost overruns and schedule delays. 

Owner Construction Software

Critical decisions are best made when all pertinent information is available. Visibility and perpetuity of information on every project with unlimited:

  • Users
  • Document Storage
  • Training
  • Support

We are your technology experts with the software. We are a member of your team. 

Confusion Adds To Costs

A key to project success is having clear visibility and accountability. But, every contractor, architect and engineer use different software to manage their role on a project. So the owner doesn’t own this information. The individual stakeholders do, and this alone creates unforeseen liability for the owner. Also it creates something else, a mess of your data.

This hodgepodge of information adds layers of confusion without true visibility for anyone. So mistakes and miscommunication result in unnecessary time delays and cost impacts. And all of it happening out of the immediate site and supervision of the owner.  

The industry has been fine with this for generations. Owners often feel uncomfortable about questioning results and unexpected changes to the budget. And project stakeholders count on it. All the while, jacking up the budget because of the inefficiencies they create by default. 

There has to be a better way. 

Owner-Focused Collaboration is Critical.

Owner Insite is the first and only “owner-focused” construction project and facility management platform that overcomes all of that. 

rfc for owners rep

Construction Project Oversight

Some of our tools to help you stay in the know:

  • Email to Project
  • Users Required Actions (see screenshot)
  • Download/Upload Audit Details
  • User/Org Project Audit Details
  • Daily Newsfeed to Your Email

We make it easy for your stakeholders to use their internal tools while putting it in Owner Insite for you. See project reporting to learn more. 

Owner Insite is a construction software that’s built as a collaborative unifying communication platform. Owner Insite helps owners and their project teams work smarter. So it can help avoid the fog of confusion by providing clear actionable direction. We have tools that focus on every member of the team. So you get unparalleled accountability for every stakeholder on the project. Your team will make less mistakes, have better communication, and real-time budget tracking.

Furthermore, your archive will be in a static view exactly like your view in our software. So, you know exactly where to find the information, because we don’t just do a data dump in a folder! The only difference with your archive is the data can not be altered. Also, to add an extra layer of protection, we put a digital timestamp on this document.
Now you will stay in compliance with document retention for your state. To find out about your state requirements see Construction Litigation Hold.

This is more than a software, it’s a better way to build. Let Us Help!

Our team at Owner Insite wants to partner with you on your upcoming project. Let us show you how to streamline all aspects of your project and track your facility lifecycle. 

If you have any questions or would just like to learn more call. 888-336-3393 or Reach out to us at Contact Us.