Owner Insite


Construction submittals provide information to the design team for approval. The architect or engineer will review the Submittals to be sure you use the correct products. So, you need to use software that makes this process easy. 

Owner Insite provides an easy way for your team to send Submittals. And OI allows you to immediately start tracking the process or view it in a log. You can sort the log however you need to for analysis. Owner Insite is simple to use and easily customizable to set up the way you need it.


Submittal Processing

Process submittals with a few clicks knowing when it’s sent, received, or by status. Also, add categories or tags to be able to reference later.

Start tracking the assets warranty at the same time. Migrate all warranties to our Asset Management software.

submittals log in Owner Insite

Construction Submittals Log

Owner Insite manages these documents on a project super easy for the Architect, Engineer, and Contractor

Everyone can communicate with intuitive industry standard responses built in.

Add your own template for easier use during the construction process.

No doubt, construction submittals are an important aspect in any project. We understand that these documents can have a time and financial impact on any job. So, we can show you the turn around time for any individual or organization on our Project Reporting.

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