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Our Approach with Construction Submittals

If your project team determines that a major change to some element of your project is necessary — changing the type of drywall used, for instance — you need a platform that can accurately assess the impact on the change on your budget and schedule. The construction submittal does this for you. And you need to ensure that any changes are instantly documented and communicated to stakeholders. 

Owner Insite’s software gives your team easy, efficient channel through which to send construction submittals. Whether they require approval from the design team or an engineer signing-off on the correct materials to be used, our tools optimize collaboration, communication, and accountability. Stakeholders will always automatically be working from the latest and most accurate information, helping ensure that delays and unbudgeted expenses are kept to a minimum. 

Quick, Comprehensive Processing

Log view allows you to process submittals in just a few clicks, view status, and add categories or tags for future reference.

Easily Integrate Warranty Information

Simultaneously upload warranty information to ensure that relevant documents are always easily accessible.

Speed Up Workflow With Custom Templates

Add templates to meet your workflow needs and communicate with your team via intuitive, industry standard responses.

Owner Insite’s single-screen functionality and customizable features ensure that, whether you’re an architect, an engineer, a contractor, or the project owner, managing submittals is simple and non-disruptive. And since all construction submittals can be quickly viewed using our Project Reporting tools, you’ll always have real-time visibility into turnaround time, approval status, and impact on budget and timeline.

Want to See This Feature in Action?

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