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Owner Insite’s software provides a painless channel for your team to send submittals, whether you need to get approval from the design team or have an engineer do a once over to ensure you used the correct products. 

This feature is best used for large-scale changes (for example, changing the type of drywall you plan to use). If your change is small — for example, changing which color to paint the walls — use our ASI functionality.

Whatever your needs, Owner Insite’s software gives you full confidence that no matter how big or small the change is, all documentation is recorded, saved, and just a few clicks away.

Submittal Processing

Process submittals in just a few clicks, view their status, and add categories or tags for future reference.

Easily integrate your assets’ warranty information at the same time, ensuring you have all the important documents available when you need them.

construction submittals log

Construction Submittals Log

Whether you’re an architect, an engineer, or a contractor, Owner Insite’s software makes managing submittals simple and easy. Plus, it’s entirely customizable so you can tailor it directly to your needs.

  • Add your very own templates to speed up your workflow 
  • Communicate with your team via intuitive, industry standard responses
  • View all your documents from a single screen
  • Sort the log however you want so you can conduct proper analysis

Without a doubt, construction submittals are an important part of any project. At Owner Insite, we understand that these documents can impact your job in terms of time and finances — so that’s why you can head to our Project Reporting at any point during your project to check on turnaround time, approvals, and so much more.