Owner Insite


The RFI, or Request For Information feature is the official document to ask questions. The questions will be about specific project decisions or details. Their purpose is to officially get a decision or directive from your team’s; architect, engineer, or owner. Then the RFI can be used to guide others on what to do next.

Owner Insite makes it easy to log and track any question and answer. Send the construction RFI to an entire organization or one person. Additionally, those recipients can respond from their own email accounts. 

RFI, Request for information form

RFI Communication

The RFI that you submit to either an individual or entire organization will allow you to:

  • Put information in front of others
  • Add others to comment or approve
  • Add documents or photos
  • Start a change proposal request
  • Preserve your communication thread

RFI Email Integration

Owner Insite requires no special technical setup by your IT Department. Any company can be up and running with our project management software immediately.

Owner Insite seamlessly delivers all communications about your project to your email. This allows you to quickly review and respond to RFIs, submittals, issues and punch list assignments.

And you can give official responses and directives by simply replying to your email. Our system will automatically include your email communications in your project, ensuring that your records stay organized, accurate and complete.

You can use both the Construction RFI, Request for Information and the RFC, Request for Clarification. Both are identical in form structure and ease of use. But now your team has the option to use both for different purposes. Thus, giving you the ability to have parallel communication to the project Owner or the Owner Rep.

Lastly, you can view RFI response times for any individual or organization on our Project Reporting page.

Have a question about how to leverage our RFIs or options available with our RFCs? Call us at 888-336-3393 or reach out to us at; Contact Us