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Our Approach with Construction RFI/RFC

In any construction project, it’s not a matter of whether there will be questions, just how many. Having an efficient, transparent system for handling a construction  RFI, (Requests for Information) and RFC, (Request for Clarification) is essential for avoiding costly mistakes and ensuring that your project stays on schedule and on budget. 

Owner Insite’s secure and intuitive platform makes it easy to submit the construction RFI or RFC about specific project decisions, directives, or details from the architect, engineer, or owner. Easily log and track any question and the related answer. Ensure that all stakeholders have the most current guidance needed to execute the project vision.

Easy Email Integration Reduces Delays

Submit, review, and respond to RFIs or RFCs through email — no IT setup needed.

Customize RFIs to Optimize Your Workflow

Attach documents or photos, add commenters, or require approvers to ensure maximum clarity.

Automatically Archive All Communications

Ensure that your project records stay organized, accurate, and complete.

Owner Insite’s secure cloud-based platform allows stakeholders to access it anywhere from any device, so RFIs can be quickly created even by a contractor with a smartphone at the job site. That functionality can significantly boost accuracy and reduce delays — no more waiting on paper documents.

A construction RFI can be sent to an entire organization or a specific individual to ensure timely responses via the hassle-free email integration. And you can easily track RFI response times to maximize accountability across your project team.

For organizations that want the ability to have parallel communication directly to the project owner or owner’s representative, our Request for Clarification (RFC) feature offers the same flexibility and ease of use as the RFI tool. Leverage both to create a system optimized to disseminate information quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

Want to See This Feature in Action?

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