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Master Programs

Construction portfolio management is essentially just a way to look at your programs on a macro level. Owner Insite calls this our Master Programs dashboard.

We make it easy to identify potential issues as early as possible. This also helps highlight any systemic trends that might be happening so your management team can refine standards across projects to maximize ROI.

Real Time Decision Making

View your construction program portfolio and projects with ease, drill down into key areas of these projects in just a few clicks, and know immediately where you stand against your bottom-line CIP or Bond dollar value.

Whatever your needs, Owner Insite’s software allows your team to make real-time decisions and evaluations based on ongoing construction operations.

Construction Portfolio Management

See the big picture without having to ask for a briefing or meeting and gain unfiltered insight from any mobile device.

For more advanced interactive presentations, check out how we integrate with Microsoft Power BI.

We are one of the few platforms that can provide you construction portfolio management. Simply put we do more than just provide construction software. 

At Owner Insite, we don’t silo information. We want you to have everything you need all in one place. This way, everyone benefits, whether you’re an owner, owner rep, or project team member.