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Construction Management
for Municipal Governments

Owner Insite’s construction project management software ensures maximum ROI — and maximum accountability — for every taxpayer dollar spent. Municipal governments have a software that was built to work for them

Government-sector construction requires exceptional transparency and rigorous controls, especially as public-private partnership (P3) projects become more common. If you want your projects to finish on-time and on-budget, losing visibility simply isn’t an option.

Insist on Complete Accountability

Owner Insite’s secure and intuitive platform gives you complete drill-down visibility into every aspect of a project, ensuring that contractors are always fully accountable for every expenditure and every assigned task.

Real Time Budget Ledger

Quickly review proposed and actual budget changes, committed costs, balance to finish, and other important project financial metrics
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Daily Field Reports

Capture key information about personnel and equipment on site, work hours, materials received, weather conditions, and potential issues
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Document Control

Organize and digitally store key project documents both during and after construction in a custom centralized folder structure
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Project Reporting Analytics

Track approval response and turnaround times, past due tasks, and number of late responses by individual user and organization
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Custom Permissions & Version Controls

Set project access and visibility and commenting/approval levels based on role and responsibility
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Foster Collaboration with Centralized Communication

Miscommunication and poor project data account for almost 50% of all rework. Owner Insite dramatically reduces that risk through a suite of easy-to-use centralized communication tools. Keep both internal and external stakeholders looped in and accountable for every email sent, every action item assigned, and every document uploaded.

Owner Insite’s suite of reporting and project management tools can be customized to the particular needs and responsibilities of roles at every level of your organization. Municipal governments construction can be complex, while the software they use can be simple. Whether you need a global view of multiple simultaneous projects or a micro view of every transaction or RFI, we’ve got you covered.


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Easy Implementation, World-Class Support

Construction is complicated. Good construction project management software shouldn’t be. We can get your project team up and running in just a couple of hours or less. And there’s no awkward trainer-of-trainers model here — our industry-leading unlimited live training and support means that you always get what you need when you need it at no extra cost. 

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