Owner Insite

The Owners Rep is the owner’s representative on a construction project. This role has them managing the budget and executing the design on behalf of the owner. Thus they need to be able to oversee the work and communicate with every project team member. So, it is critical for them to choose the right construction project management software.

Our software was initially created for the Owners Rep, welcome to your solution!

rfc for owners rep

Owners Rep Oversight

The Owners Rep needs to have tools that provide visibility and improve productivity.

See what items are in front of the project team at a moments notice with our Required Actions tab.

Use our Reporting tab see analytics to response times for documents.

Owners rep request for clarification

Project Communication

We provide the capability and allow for you to be a commenter or approver for any document.

Leverage our Request For Clarification or RFC. This allows for questions to come directly to you that give you a single channel of clear communication.

The ability for direct communication increases project success. 

As an Owner reps you can have many challenges and risks. Choosing the right software can mitigate these risks!

We provide you all the essential tools and more within our software. Not only do we give you these tools but you can stay on top of issues in real time. Additionally, you can leverage our digital document control services. Now you will have all your designs updated within 24 hours by an extra set of eyes that are cheaper than your reap of graphics costs.

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