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Healthcare Construction Management Software

Every construction project comes with a sense of urgency. Every owner wants to meet their timeline and budget targets, and everyone involved understands that meeting milestones, reaching targets, and meeting standards and specifications are critical.

However, it is a matter of life and death regarding healthcare buildings –upgrading clinics, renovating long-term care facilities, or hospital building.

Quality healthcare is in higher demand as the global population ages, so completing healthcare construction projects is more important than ever.

Owner Insite’s healthcare construction management software allows project owners and developers in the healthcare industry to keep their finger on the pulse of every project in real-time. It’s the only healthcare construction management software built for owners, and everything on our platform is designed to ensure you deliver world-class healthcare facilities on time and within budget.

No matter how large your construction team is and how many projects you have under construction, Owner Insite gives you all the information you need to make critical decisions, spot problems faster, and keep every element of your hospital building projects on track.

Simplifying Complex Healthcare Construction Projects

The most important thing the Owner Insite platform does is simplify complex healthcare projects. While you still get all the technical data and information you need from your team, Owner Insite gives you instant visibility of all the most critical project data.

Whether you drill down to view detailed documentation and information or use high-level data to track day-to-day progress, with Owner Insite, healthcare development teams have instant access to all the information that matters.

Never Lose Visibility In Healthcare Construction

Owner Insite’s owner-centric healthcare construction management software platform is designed to give critical decision-makers on your team constant visibility of every project at every stage. Whether sharing planning and feasibility information before you break ground or viewing warranty and maintenance documentation long after the project is handed over and completed, you always have easy access to the information you need.

Communicate, collaborate, share documents, and more. The Owner Insite platform is easy to learn and use, flexible, and secure, and offers easy-to-access tech support, so you can hit the ground running.

Full Project Transparency

Track key project data points with customized owner-focused dashboards, scorecards, and daily reports
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Pulse on Progress

Quickly move from macro to micro views of budgets, schedules, and real-time status of project action items
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Intuitive Project Management

Easily set up customized user roles and permissions to create secure, fully-optimized workflows
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Accountable Communication

Avoid stakeholder miscommunication with simple email integration, distribution lists, and meeting portals
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Maximized Facility ROI

Seamlessly transition from construction to occupancy with warranty tracking and asset management tools
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Total Healthcare Construction Control

Healthcare construction requires huge teams of diverse people, whether in hospital buildings, maintenance, renovations, or something else. Aside from the usual engineers, architects, general contractors, and tradespeople, there are also many technical and medical consultants, specialist contractors, and equipment manufacturers. 

Therefore, the hospital owner/board must have access to all the documentation and communication that went into the building. It would be best to start with the end in mind, and we’re here to help you.

With so many teams, groups, trades, and specialties on the critical path, healthcare construction demands an even higher level of control, and Owner Insite delivers.

Owner Insite offers project and program reporting, project management tools, and more. Project-level security permissions and options allow you to collaborate across all levels of your project, and simple, easy-to-read summaries and notifications give you instant information about each assignment.

If you’re ready to take control of your healthcare construction projects, choose the healthcare construction software built with owners in mind.


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Easy Implementation, World-Class Support

Construction is complicated. Good construction project management software shouldn’t be. We can get your project team up and running in just a couple of hours or less. And there’s no awkward trainer-of-trainers model here — our industry-leading unlimited live training and support means that you always get what you need when you need it at no extra cost. 

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