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All construction projects have a schedule. The construction schedule should be available for every member on your project team. So everyone can know of crucial information on upcoming tasks. Also, by planning milestones you can track the progress of your tasks and keep everyone informed.

Furthermore, by creating a schedule and recording your milestone, at the end of the project you can have a clear timeline of your project. And by having a timeline Owners can estimate future projects and further analyze the hours and days spent.

dependency construction schedule

Dependency Schedule

Keep your project team in the loop by adding your dependency schedule. 

  • Add P6, MS or any gantt chart.
  • Upload project document, PDFs
  • Add commenters

Invite someone to make comments or add your own with a click of a button to call out upcoming events. 

Receive email notification of any new uploaded dependency version.

overview dates, activities and milestones

Activities & Milestones

Create and call out any project activities and milestones for all project users. So your team can see the data they need to know.

Overview dates are visible for your high level objectives from planning to completion.

Send instant email notification for any shifts involving the activities, milestones and scheduling.

Document Control is a must for the success of any project team. And the project schedule is one of those documents. Owner’s want to be sure they receive all the information, documentation, and communication. Owner Insite captures all that for you.

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