Using The Right Construction Management Software for Owners

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Using the right software makes all the difference when it comes to managing your construction projects.

The right construction management software matters because not all construction software is the same. Each one is built with a specific focus in mind; architect and engineer focused, contractor focused, commercially focused, residential focused, or owner focused. As the owner, you need to have the necessary data, visibility, and oversight to make key informed decisions to ensure project success.

What is the right software for you, the owner? How do you identify the software that will work best for you, and what features do you need to have?

Owner-focused software is tailored to the needs of the project owner. By providing a comprehensive, real-time overview of all that is happening in the project, owner-focused software puts the needs of the owner front and center. 

One of the most important features to look for in your software is a project completion download. You should be able to pull a comprehensive report of all construction activity going back to day one of your projects, essentially a project archive. When your project is complete, you want to have easy-to-use and fully informative documentation that spans the entire breadth of the work. 

All construction design changes and documentation should be readily available through your owner-focused software. All projects go through updates and changes, and the information for them should be accessible and easy to understand.  

Every owner should have ready access to all relevant communication and responses, as well as a true and accurate accounting of the overall project budget. There shouldn’t be a single part of the project where the owner is left in the dark or missing information.

Other important features to look for in your owner-focused software are:

What these features do for you

The features of owner-focused software should all be geared towards one goal; empowering the project owner. By providing real-time data and complete project transparency. Only then, can the owner make decisions based on facts rather than guesswork. 

At the end of the project, owners need the protection that comprehensive data offers. In the event of defects, warranty issues, or even legal matters, your software should offer all of the data from your project at the click of a button. This data can offer enforcement of legal documents and help to protect the owner’s interests and bottom line. 

Owner Insite offers all these features and more to empower the construction project owner with data and oversight. Contact us today for a free demo. 

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