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Owner Insite can help manage your school district’s bond construction programs!

School Kids

Does our school district really need our own construction project management software?

The real question is can your school system afford not to have a tool like Owner Insite working for it?

Ultimately, your organization is responsible for managing project costs and schedule. The contractors, architect, and engineers are working for you. Your organization is accountable to your constituents for the success of the project.  Was it on time? Was it on budget? Did we maximize our constituents hard earned tax dollars and create the very best learning environment for our kids?

Think of Owner InSite as your school library; your “Single Source of Truth” holding all the knowledge, information reporting and communication for your project. A real-time report card your school system should want to have not only during construction but for years to come. Critical data, reporting and tracking by the contractors, architects and the entire project team in one convenient and powerful location.

School districts, universities, and municipalities across the country are using Owner InSite and taking control of their construction project and bond programs in ways they never imagined.  Flexibility, transparency, and real-time project data available when and where you need it.

We know you’ll agree, knowledge is power and Owner Insite gives your team all that power to build amazing projects for your students.

Still not convinced? Check out a list of school districts we’ve already helped with better construction software K-12.

Take Me To The List

It’s no surprise that every organization requires a different process to achieve project requirements. Owner InSite allows customization of roles, viewing, document access, and much more. Our team can help you set up the perfect environment for your entire project team.

With Owner InSite, users can be set up with different roles and permission settings giving customized access to project information for every project team member. Keep track and informed of all critical issues and project updates and insure things are done right the first time.

Real-time Project Status
When “Submit” is clicked your project is updated and in real-time. That’s the beauty of software-as-a-service, everyone stays informed and engaged.

“Owner InSite is the most user-friendly construction management software that our district has ever used. Owner InSite has given our district the ability to manage each aspect of our construction projects from design, scheduling, and accounting of the budget in one location without the worry of managing and updating the software.”  

Brandon Boyter
Allen ISD Construction Manager
Allen, Texas

Owner InSite has the power to make your construction management easy!

Owner InSite creates custom pricing to fit the needs of your school district, municipality or higher education environment. Let us show you what we can do for your team.

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