Attention Architects, Engineers and Contractors:

Owner Insite is made for your industry too!

Despite our name, Owner Insite isn’t just for owners and owner reps. It’s for your industry too!

We’ve received glowing reviews from architects, engineers, general contractors, electricians, plumbers and inspectors who have used Owner Insite on hundreds of projects and consider it an invaluable tool and resource for their teams.

Here’s what Owner Insite brings to the table for your industry:

Contractors, Architects & Engineers

When you work on a project using Owner Insite, the first thing you’ll notice is the unlimited storage and sharing of project documents including blueprints, plans, approvals and spreadsheets. RFIs and ASIs can be sent and answered quickly and easily using Owner Insite. Mobile field reports containing critical details and photo attachments allow for close observation of the project, even on days you can’t make it to the job site. And with unlimited users having access to Owner Insite, there’s better collaboration, fewer mistakes and virtually no doubled efforts.

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Municipalities, K-12 & Higher Education

School districts, universities, and municipalities across the country are using Owner Insite and find that managing their building projects is much easier than they thought! After sitting through numerous demos, the happiest customers are the organizations who chose Owner Insite. Why are they happy? Flexibility, transparency, and constant real-time project status availability.

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Succeed with Owner Insite

Owners, Owner’s Reps & Project Managers

You can tell by the name Owner Insite is made for your industry. But with unlimited users on your project account, everyone on the job can benefit from the collaboration, organization and up- to-the-minute status details from Owner Insite. Accountability is a built-in feature of Owner Insite that includes time-stamping and daily reports that keep everyone up-to-date and on the same page. The powerful project budgeting feature gives you control of how money is spent, when change orders and pay apps are approved, and much more. And when your project is complete your data is yours to keep and use as you wish. Unlike our competitors, Owner Insite will provide you with a link to download all your project data at no additional charge. Isn’t that the way it should be?

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