Owner Insite

Purchase Orders

Construction purchase orders are inevitable at some point on any construction project. The constant aspect is it can effect the cost and completion time without oversight. Thereby, this process is the lifecycle of a purchase order from creation to closure. Our approach with oversight is that of an Owner, Owners rep or Project Manager.

construction purchase orders

Purchase Orders Log

The log view allows you to see all construction purchase orders and their status.

See key information on the log view such as amount, invoiced, and balance to finish.

Tracking Committed Costs

Put a system in place to review, approve and track these committed costs.

Confirm delivery accuracy by validating against the purchase order that’s approved. Furthermore, by using your phone, you can access Owner Insite to make tracking a seamless process.

As with all accounting items in Owner Insite, you can create your own approval workflows. So your team can leverage the software to be as efficient as possible. Likewise, you can attach invoices to purchase orders.  Furthermore, documents can include any relevant attachments – all in a single location!
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