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Purchase Orders

Our Approach with Purchase Orders

Without proper oversight, construction purchase orders (POs) can negatively impact both project budget and completion timelines. Owner Insite’s platform keeps you firmly in-the-know — and in control — every step of the way on every PO related to the project.

Whether you’re in the office or at the job site, Owner Insite’s software empowers you to quickly access and view the entire lifecycle of a purchase order from creation to closure. That means you can optimize workflow and minimize delays without sacrificing visibility, security, or accountability.

Customize Your PO Approval Process

Create a customized, systematic process for reviewing, approving, and tracking committed costs.

Instantly Get PO Status Updates

Use the log view to see the status of any construction purchase order, including amount, associated invoice, and balance to finish.

Access Workflow Anywhere

Monitor and approve POs using our secure cloud-based platform from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

We know that information is power . . . and when it comes to project expenditures, you need accurate, real-time information. Owner Insite’s accounting features are designed to give you that, minimizing your risk and maximizing your project ROI.

Our platform allows you to seamlessly link invoices to POs and easily upload and attach supporting documents. That provides you with you a single source of truth about a specific PO before you approve it. Then confirm delivery accuracy by validating against approved purchase orders, further protecting your project budget and schedule.


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