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Our construction issues and punchlist feature is utilized to specifically call out items that need attention. 

Project team members can identify an issue as they conduct their daily field report. Issue tracking helps Owners and Owner Reps identify any potential systematic problems that might need them to take action — and our reporting features allow you to dive deeply into these details.

Construction Issues

Some of the powerful features that make using this a success for any project team:

  • Create & tie issue to Field Report
  • Assign to an individual
  • Assign priority & due date
  • Invite others to comment or approve
  • Add attachments or photos

If necessary, you can also start a change proposal request directly from this document.


Punchlist Tracking

Our issues and punchlist log allows you to see what’s pending, completed, or awaiting approval. The construction punchlist is identical in its function. These items usually aren’t time sensitive, but are still important to monitor for project completion. 

Both of these documents are useful, as you no longer have to worry about communicating what the problem is and getting it in front of the right person. Whatever the issues at hand may be, Owner Insite makes navigating them a breeze.