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Our Approach with Issues/Punchlists

Whether it’s a significant construction issue that needs to be addressed ASAP or a relatively minor punchlist item, Owner Insite’s platform helps ensure that stakeholders are accountable for resolving it to your satisfaction.

Utilize our construction issues and punchlist feature to call out specific items that need attention. Project team members can easily identify issues as they conduct their daily field reports, allowing owners, owner’s representatives, or construction managers to proactively identify potentially systemic problems. Owner Insite’s robust reporting features then allow you to dive deeply into the details to correct problems before they derail a project’s budget or schedule.

Minimize Delays in Addressing Issues

Assign issues to specific individuals, set priority and due dates, and invite key stakeholders to comment or approve.

Create a Comprehensive Record of Issues

Create and tie issues directly to specific field reports, adding attachments or photos as needed.

Log View Gives You Full Transparency

Instantly see issues or punchlist items that are pending, completed, or awaiting approval.

Owner Insite’s cloud-based collaborative platform ensures that your project team is always up-to-date about construction issues and punchlist items, always informed, and always accountable for delivering timely results.

If necessary, you can even initiate a change proposal request directly from this feature, minimizing delays and optimizing workflow to help ensure that your project finishes on time.

Want to See This Feature in Action?

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