You have questions, we have answers.

Our team believes your search for the right construction project and facility management software should be stress-free and painless. No, you shouldn’t have to sit through a boring demo just to get some of your initial questions answered. Who has time for that? We’ve compiled a list of questions we get asked a lot. If you don’t see an answer to one of your burning questions below, please call us at 888-336-3393, send us an email ( or submit a question through our no sales pressure question portal.

FAQ: Pricing

Here’s the deal, we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach.  So, we customize our pricing to fit our client’s specific needs. Whether that’s for a single project license or for a certain number of projects (somewhere between 20 and a bajillion) per year, we build our pricing to meet your requirements. Even though we know we have the best construction project and facility management software on the planet (yes, the planet!) don’t worry, we have affordable options to meet any budget need. 

Our project pricing includes unlimited users for the length of the project. We also include all onboard training and support for every single user on your project.

There is never any cost for document storage. If someone wants to charge you for digital storage you should run, not walk, as fast as you can away from them.

We provide all project data to you through a link to download at project closeout as part of our fee. Since you’ll likely be bringing on your next project with us, we provide a convenient online access to your archive data as well.

We will spend whatever time is necessary to insure you and your entire project team understand how to not only use but leverage the power of Owner Insite. We also provide unlimited user support for as long as you need us. Oh, and it won’t cost you a penny more. That would just be lame.

Just give us a call, we have plenty of authentic options to meet your needs from purchase orders to monthly, quarterly and annual pricing options.

As for the unauthentic options, no, we don’t take bitcoin. Just like we don’t take Lucky Charms marshmallows, or vials of golden fairy dust. At least not anymore.

FAQ: Project Setup

Yes, it’s that easy and we’re that good!

Actually, it only takes a few minutes once you’ve been through the setup process once. That means setting up your future projects will be a snap. In fact, we have some clients that can probably set up a new project faster than we can.

Leave your new users to our rock star client success team. They’ll have them wired up and trained faster than you can sing “Rock You Like a Hurricane!”

You bet we will! We want you to feel absolutely comfortable and confident that your project is setup correctly. We are happy to work with you on how to set up as many times as you need. Though that old adage about teaching you to fish…most of clients catch on so quick that they are setting up projects without us in no time!

Clear lines of communication and access to critical project data is key to a project’s success. Having everyone in the loop with the latest information is absolutely critical to keeping a project on schedule and on budget. Owner Insite makes it easy to use our platform as a collaborative communication tool so the entire project team can document, track and manage all project data and efforts.

Not necessarily. You get to make the call as to what you want the other project stakeholders to be able to view on Owner Insite and what level of detail they can have access to. Everything is very role specific so that we provide your stakeholders access to only the information they need to have.

And yes, you can revoke their access at any time. Imagine the power that could be yours (evil laugh trails off in the distance).

Absolutely not. In fact, we predict your project team will love you for providing them with such a powerful set of tools to make their job easier. So much so they may even erect statues in your honor.

Owner Insite is by design a tool to ensure that project teams work more collaboratively and more cohesively with one another.

It’s through our awesome set of tools we can help ensure a project’s success.

FAQ: Competition Says

Oh competitors, you’ve got to love them and just how wrong they are. I mean they are wrong a lot!

Owner Insite has been around since 2010 (2003 as a private in-house tool for an owner’s rep firm initially) and is being used on over $ 1.5 trillion dollars of construction projects. We know this business like the back of our hand and understand the issues and problems that project teams like yours face and how to solve them.

It’s probably why our competitors dislike us so much. What can we say, they can’t keep up.


Guilty as charged! We did originally develop this software for owners and owner’s reps. However, after being used on projects like M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, The U.S. Mint and Virgin Hotels and hearing how much contractors, architects and engineers liked using our software, we decided it was time to broaden our approach and bring our unique set of tools to a much larger audience. We are now used by school districts, universities, municipalities, healthcare institutions, real estate development and one zoo.

Absolutely not, we’d never ignore them! Since Owner Insite’s inception, we have added a ton of features and capabilities to make their lives a whole lot easier. We now have a very specific and defined focus on serving the information needs of every stakeholder on a project. Whether you’re a consultant, contractor, architect, engineer or inspector, we’ve worked very hard to build a set of tools that can benefit you and your individual team on a project.

How do you know a salesman is lying? His lips are moving. Seriously, we choose to work on delivering the very best product that you and your team could possibly imagine using. We consciously choose to not spend our time selling against our competitors as we know the ultimate judge of whether Owner Insite is a good fit for your team or not is you. We choose to make our system cost effective, super easy to use and deliver where it counts…on the project.

Here’s the deal, we don’t sell software here. We sell a unique set of solutions developed to solve problems we know the construction industry has. Every single one of our solutions has been refined by the genuine relationships we’ve developed with our clients. It’s through these relationships we’ve painstakingly refined our unique set of offerings to deliver one of the industry’s best suite of construction and facility software solutions you’ll find anywhere.

And here’s one other thing, we never want to be looked at as a software vendor, but rather a partner in this project process with you. This is where we are different than other companies. You will never be a number to us. We don’t have shareholders or venture capitalists to satisfy, our only goal is satisfying the most import people on the planet – that’s our clients.

So why should you buy from us? Because we care about building a long-term relationship with you, your company and every project stakeholder you bring on to your project. That’s not just some pick up line either, it’s part of our corporate DNA!

We’ll spend as much time as we need to make sure you feel comfortable using Owner Insite. We are playing for the long game here and we are prepared to put in the work to help you realize we are the partner you’ve been looking for all your life. We are the droids you’ve been looking for you could say.

We are happy to take you on a no-pressure no-fluff tour of our tools. We can even wire up a “sandbox project” for you and your team to try before you commit to move forward. Yes, we’re that easy.

Buying software of this magnitude can be stressful and probably seems like it shouldn’t be a lot fun. What’s life without a few laughs and a reason to smile? We may tell some of the dumbest jokes you’ve ever heard but they are told by some of the smartest, most committed people you’ll ever meet. Besides, the Comedy Store refuses to let us do standup anymore so this is all we’ve got.