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Chief Operating Officer

As the COO of your organization, you’re responsible for overseeing its day-to-day administrative and operational functions. With so many competing demands on your time and attention, you need a single, reliable source of truth to keep tabs on construction projects. The stakes are just too high to risk losing visibility.

Industry statistics tell us that not having that transparency increases the odds that your high-dollar construction projects miss their deadline by an average of 20% and exceed their budget by as much as a whopping 80%. The impact on your organizational bottom line, both fiscally and operationally, can be devastating.

Owner Insite’s construction project management software puts you squarely in the driver’s seat when it comes to maintaining effective overview of all your construction projects, whether new builds or renovations. The results are a better operational hand-off at completion . . . which means a significant increase in project ROI and a significant reduction in project risk.

Make data-driven decisions

The Chief Operations Officer can leverage real-time project analytics to identify positive or negative trends and inform future decisions. Our Master Programs dashboard gives you a macro view of all your construction projects. Proactively anticipate, identify, and mitigate potential risks to the project timeline or budget. And hold both internal and external stakeholders accountable for key action items with automated, quick-read daily field reports. 

power bi - business intelligence

Communicate to stakeholders

Owner Insite’s Power BI integration allows you to easily share key data to C-suite or community stakeholders. The easy-to-understand graphical reports ensure that critical information never gets lost in a dense spreadsheet or an overpowering slide presentation. Communicating project progress is always just a few clicks away, whether you’re in the boardroom or the job site.

Give us just 20 minutes to show you how Owner Insite can dramatically improve the efficiency of your construction projects and help reduce long-term M&O costs.