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Tracking construction contract budgets is a critical component of preventing cost overruns and keeping a project on schedule. Owner Insite’s project accounting module gives you the flexibility and security to implement the workflow operations that work best for you and protect your organization’s short and long-term interests. Easily add architect, engineer, or contractor contracts, set permissions for visibility, and maintain full control at every phase of the project.

Record Construction Contract Details

Choose the information to associate with a construction contract, including:

  • Contract Type
  • Service Type
  • Project Delivery Method
construction contract workflow

Improve Workflow

Create custom approver or commenter workflows to increase both efficiency and accountability. Owner Insite’s platform gives you arm-length protection when it comes to expenditures. Establish a workflow that requires the owner or owner rep to approve items before project completion. Then add your check writer as the final step in the process so no payment is sent before work is actually done.