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Our Approach with Contracts

Tracking construction contract budgets is a critical component of preventing cost overruns and keeping a project on schedule. You need a tool that gives you visibility into the details of each contract while also providing you a big picture view of the status of the contracted work itself . . . and ensure that service providers meet their deadlines and follow through on their commitments.

Owner Insite’s project accounting module gives you the flexibility to improve project productivity without compromising your organization’s financial security. Easily add architect, engineer, and contractor contracts, set permissions for visibility, and customize workflows to ensure both transparency and owner control at every phase of the project.

Access Important Contract Details

Seamlessly access key information for each construction contract, including contract type, service type, and project delivery method.

Optimize Project Workflow

Create custom approver or commenter workflows to increase both efficiency and accountability.

Improve Financial Security

Ensure that no payment is made until contracted work is actually completed.

Owner Insite’s accounting module is designed to help protect your organization’s interests both during construction and long after close-out. Our platform ensures the financial integrity of your budget by allowing you to create arm’s-length protection for contract-related expenditures. You can easily establish a default workflow that requires the owner or owner rep to sign off on any item before a check can be cut to the service provider.

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