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Change Order

Construction change orders happen. Change orders outline changes or discrepancies. The condition can involve the scope, design, site conditions, or project schedule to name a few. We have developed an easy way for you to create a document with all the important relevant information.

We allow you to tie this information to our scorecard reporting so that, it can keep your key stakeholders in the loop

construction change order

Avoid Delays

We have you include detailed information and a clear understanding of impacts for your approval.

  • Rough Order Magnitude
  • Potential Time Delays
  • Add commenter
  • Add approver

Change Order Log

View all change orders on the log view. Search by contract, account, status or date range. Also, you can search by keyword in title or description. We can keep your team on top of any these documents with ease.

Our construction change order process allows for project managers and owners to review, approve or deny, and track changes. The changes made to contractual commitments throughout the life of the project are captured – in real time.

You can also, leverage our cost overrun calculator. Use it to identify exactly where schedule slippage or cost overage happened.

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