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Change Orders

Change orders to any construction project are inevitable. But whether they involve a change in scope, design, site conditions, or project schedule, they also represent a real risk to the integrity of your project schedule and budget. You need absolute transparency and complete control to mitigate that risk.

Minimize Change Order Confusion and Delays

Streamline change order procedures without sacrificing individual or organizational accountability. Easily create a document, upload relevant information, and tie everything into our scorecard reporting to keep key stakeholders continually in the loop. Project managers and owners can quickly review, approve or deny, and subsequently track any changes that pop up. And since all information is captured in real time, you’ll always have the most up-to-date view on any project.

construction change orders

Searchable and Flexible

Use the construction change order log view to view all change orders. Search by contract, account, status, or date range . . . or simply type in a keyword from the title or description to quickly bring up a specific change order. Owner Insite’s platform allows you to:

  • Identify rough order magnitude
  • Flag potential time delays
  • Add custom commenters and approvers

You can also leverage our cost overrun calculator to identify exactly where schedule slippage or cost overages have historically occurred, allowing you to proactively anticipate and mitigate risk.