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Program Reporting

Construction program management is all about overseeing the execution of many construction projects, and our program reporting brings your team the planning, coordination, and communication management you need. With our software, you can view all your construction projects at a higher level for analysis on a single platform — because we know this is vital when you’re managing several projects against a single dollar value. 

Program Management

Program Management in construction has many key areas that can be seen at the same time. For example:

  • Accounting
  • Over/Under & Cashflow
  • Construction
  • Response Times
  • User Required Actions

You decide which users have access to the specific program. Plus, you can have multiple programs operating at one time!

construction Program management -Accounting
program management

Program Managers Tools

Managers can provide necessary information with confidence so everyone can stay up to date on:

  • Overarching Policy
  • Master Plans
  • Budget
  • Schedule
  • Leadership

With Owner Insite, you keep the most important items related to program management all under one platform. 

Owners, universities, independent school districts, and hospitals are leveraging our software today because we turn to proven industry experts to help evolve our product. This way, you and your team are able reap the benefits for your current projects and all those that come after.