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Reporting Tools

Our Approach with Reporting

The ability to access and analyze information about your facility is key to effective planning and budgeting. Asset Insite’s reporting tools give you drill-down visualization into the real-time status of critical equipment and other building assets, ensuring that every decision you make concerning your facility is informed by accurate data. 

Information is power . . . but only if you can easily access and use it. Asset Insite helps your facilities team better prioritize tasks, communicate timely updates, and ensure appropriate accountability for maintaining your facility at its optimal condition. 

Improve Communication with Calendar Tool

Easily let stakeholders know maintenance schedules, room availability, meetings, and important events.

View Information About Individual Assets

See work order tickets connected to any asset, sortable by equipment, location, or category.

Create Custom Categories

Track and manage facility information, set viewing permissions, and easily add new equipment as needed.

Unlike some competing platforms, Asset Insite gives you what you need to optimize your facility’s lifecycle and not a lot of fluff features that you’ll never use. The intuitive interface can be utilized from any location on any web-enabled device, so your workflow is never compromised or interrupted. And you can choose whether to save data in the cloud or on a drive to ensure that records are always accessible. 

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