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Our Approach to Construction ASI

Changes are inevitable during any construction project. Owner Insite’s Architect Supplemental Instructions (ASI) functionality keeps minor changes from potentially leading to big delays for the project timeline.

Using the ASI form, the project architect can easily specify additional instructions relating to a set of architectural plans: specifying a change to the color of a wall, for instance, as opposed to changing the type of wall used. Those instructions can then be automatically documented and communicated to the entire project team to eliminate the risk of someone working from outdated information.

Ensure Accountability With ASI Log

Easily add add photos and documents to create easily-trackable records about any change.

Create Custom Approvals

Choose which stakeholders receive ASI documents and need to comment on or approve them.

Streamline Communication

Directly attach documents and comments so the architect can easily provide a detailed response.

With Owner Insite’s platform, Architect Supplemental Instructions can be easily submitted to an individual or an organization. Architects can add instructions and interpretations to your plans, attaching documents and comments as needed . . . and they can do it all from a single screen.

Although individual construction ASI changes may not affect dramatically impact a project in terms of cost or time, the cumulative effect of many ASIs over the course of an entire project can have a negative impact on project budgets and schedules. Owner Insite gives you the visibility and your team the collaborative tools to ensure that no change is ever made without your knowledge and approval.

Whatever your needs, Owner Insite’s software gives you full confidence that no matter how big or small the change is, all documentation is recorded, saved, and always accessible in 4 clicks or less.

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