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Change Proposals

Construction software change proposals do not need to be complicated. Our project management software allows you to raise issues and submit them to others for approval. The contractor can submit this request themselves. Also, a manager could uploaded the change proposal later, for document retention purposes. The software can accommodate your workflow.

construction software Change Proposals log

Change Proposal Log

These proposals are common and likely to occur by various causes. Regardless, any of them may have negative impacts with cost overrun and delays.

Stay on top of all these through our log view.

Changes with Oversight

Our incorporated change proposals help streamline your change management process. We allow you to use your work flow and add any commenters or approvers needed. Owners like this process so that there is constant transparency on the project.

As with all accounting items in Owner Insite there is flexibility for your process. So your team can leverage the software to be as efficient as possible. Furthermore, documents can include any relevant attachments – all in a single location!
Additionally, you can use our cost overrun calculator at anytime during your project.
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