Staying Ahead with Project Reporting

The value and importance of comprehensive project reporting in your construction project cannot be overstated. In order to have a complete up-to-date view of the state of your project, it is imperative that you be able to generate reports on every aspect of the work being done. From basic accounting reports to RFI and Submittal reports, your software should be able to pull any report you need in just a few clicks. 


Long gone are the days of manually sorting through multiple spreadsheets to piece together possibly dated information to answer questions and present to stakeholders. Owner Insite provides real-time data across the board that can be updated and accessed from any web-enabled device. This keeps everyone on the same page no matter what part of the project they are working on.


In order to stay on schedule and on budget, reliable reporting is an absolute must. The biggest and most worrying issues with a construction project are time delays and cost overruns, both of which are exacerbated by lack of communication with stakeholders.  Good reporting keeps small issues from turning into an avalanche that derails the entire project.


When you have a good view of everything that is incomplete in your project, it becomes much easier to prioritize your needs and actions. Our construction project reporting tools can help. There will always be obstacles and delays in a construction project. Your reporting should alert you to those issues long before they become a major crisis that can cost major time and money.


Your data should be readily available to you, no matter where you are or what part of the project you are working on. There should be no lag and no syncing issues; everything should be accessible within a few clicks on any device with an internet connection. With OI, No one ever has to wonder how or when they are getting data; it is right at their fingertips at any time on an easy-to-use dashboard.

Project Reporting - Accountability

Keeping everyone on the project accountable for their work is an absolute must and requires reliable, real-time data. The key to a successful construction project is proper planning, and everyone knowing their place among all the moving parts. Being able to see at a glance where the project is, what’s happening, and what’s on the horizon gives everyone the ability to take responsibility for their part and keep things moving along.


Owner Insite has revolutionized reporting to make it simple and fast to access any of the data you need to keep your construction project running smoothly. The dashboard has been streamlined to ensure ease of use for all stakeholders in the project. The Required Action Log makes it simple to view all incomplete project items, and is sortable by user or company. This makes it easier to determine where to focus your attention. You can track average approval response times, number of late responses or past due items, turn-around times, and response dates. There should never be a mystery with your analytics or your stakeholders. OI ensures no one is ever left in the dark about the state of the project.


We believe our software is the right solution for you and your needs. Contact us today for more information and for a free demo. 

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