How Owner Insite, Facility Insite, and Asset Insite Ensure Projects are Successful

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Every construction project is different. While there are certain parts that exist in every project – pre-planning, critical path planning, contracts and document management, etc – they each have unique flows and obstacles. Even with all of their differences, they each have the same end goal; complete the project on time and on budget. 


But completion isn’t the end of the project. After that, there is proper care and maintenance of your new facility, and future projects to consider for continued growth. Owner Insite, Facility Insite, and Asset Insite are with you every step of the way to ensure continued success in all your endeavors. Let us explain a little bit about our SaaS platform.

Facility Insite

Facility Insite (FI) is here to help you make data-informed decisions that involve your master plan. The software allows you to do many things that support the creation of your bond package or capital improvement plan. One of its cornerstones is the ability to create and track all your facility assessments. Assessments can be tied to future construction projects.
To keep up with your school district’s growth, you’ll need to know what to include in bond packages. We allow you to make bond scenarios with a few clicks. Now, you can take a few options to your board or voting constituents for Q&A. This process allows for a more favorable outcome when it goes on the ballot.
FI helps to ensure you have the budget to meet the growing needs of your district. with custom bond packages built by data, that match your district’s real needs. 

Owner Insite

From the very first pre-planning stages, Owner Insite (OI) puts you firmly in control of every aspect of your project. Every document, every contract, every RFI – all are readily available to you for review, comment, and approval at any time. OI also works on any web-enabled device to ensure that you are totally in sync with the team in the field. 

The key to success in a construction project is constant communication, and OI gives everyone the ability to communicate in real-time to ensure nothing falls to the wayside. You’ll have unprecedented oversight of the entire project, with reporting that gives overall macro summaries and specific individual micro views. OI is with you until the last punchlist is completed and all disputes are resolved. Plus it keeps an easy to access repository of data from your project should it be needed for later referral or legislation.

Asset Insite

Your project is now complete and your new facility is ready for use. How do you manage it now? Asset Insite (AI) provides everything you need to maximize the utilization of your new facility. Keep the team all on the same page with real-time communication, whether they are in the office or out in the field.

Make data-driven decisions to proactively manage maintenance costs. Accurately track important data like installation date, commissioning date and agent, warranty status and expiration, and POC all in one place that is accessible to everyone.

Streamline your work order process and record the data that matters most to you in your work order tickets. Use that data to make decisions about future needs and maintenance to ensure the continued health and productivity of your facility.

Contact us today for a free demo and consultation. See for yourself how our SaaS platform can provide value to your organization.

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