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Our Approach with Pay Apps

To keep a construction project on schedule, it’s important to minimize delays in paying contractors, consultants, and vendors. But without the appropriate safeguards, double billing and over-payments can undermine your project budget and create administrative headaches at closeout.


Owner Insite’s Pay Application feature streamlines how contractors request payment for services without sacrificing the transparency and accountability that owners demand from their project teams.

The comprehensive log view gives you compete transparency into the process, reducing errors and eliminating the possibility of nasty surprises. And regardless of where you are in the project schedule, you’ll stay in full control of your finances from pre-construction to closeout.

Maximize Workflow Efficiency

Easily approve submitted invoices against specified contracts, reducing unnecessary delays.

Maintain Full Financial Control

Quickly view the status of any pay app, or leverage the robust search functionality to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Preserve Confidentiality

Create custom partitions in the log view to share relevant information with selected stakeholders while keeping the rest private.

When contractors, consultants, and vendors submit invoices for work completed or materials purchased, Owner Insite’s platform allows you to approve payment against a specified contract and then automatically track the cost against the project budget. You’ll always have up-to-date visibility about your construction project’s financial health . . . and always be able to hold stakeholders accountable.

And because you and your entire project team can access Owner Insite’s secure cloud-based platform from anywhere on any device, pay application delays are dramatically reduced. That translates into greater time-on-task for everyone involved, and helps maximize your ability to complete construction projects on schedule.

Want to See This Feature in Action?

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