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Crimson Building reviews with Owner Insite

Magnolia on Gilbert Apartments
Company: Crimson Builders
Location: Dallas, TX


Magnolia Gilbert Apartments is a high end, urban infill apartment community. At 32,800 square feet, this project required the demolition of an existing apartment community that was built in the mid-1960s. All 31 units are contained in a 3-story, wood framed building with a flat TPO roof. Each unit features stainless appliances (including a wine chiller and washer/dryers in each unit), granite countertops, sound systems, home automation systems, stained concrete floors (on the first floor) and faux wood floors on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

“Document control” is the term Crimson Builders President Eric Little uses to describe one of the most coveted benefits of Owner Insite. Clients since 2012, Crimson Building relies on Owner Insite for organizing, sharing, compiling and saving critical project-related documents. The Magnolia Gilbert Apartments project is the latest in a long line of Crimson Building projects which utilizes Owner’s Insite’s superior document control and 24/7 accessibility. Project transparency means all players at every level—owners, architects, contractors and subcontractors and more—are in the loop, up-to-date and informed, even when they are away from the job site. With so many eyes focused on the project, clarity, solutions and oversight are all in a day’s work.

Time is money so the Crimson Builders team is thrilled to report that Owner InSite has helped them cut back on the number of client meetings. Everything is presented in real time, cloud-based accessible and convenient—from ASIs and construction schedule to inspection reports, stormwater management reports, punch-lists and more.

On the accounting side, change orders, subcontracts, purchase orders, owner pay apps and more backtrack perfectly with their accounting software, adding yet another layer of budgetary checks and balances.

“As President of the company, Owner Insite helps me keep track of where each job is in real time. It gives visibility to the project and facilitates communication across the board for all players.”


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