Success Stories

Frisco ISD

Frisco, TX

Debra Nelson Middle School

Adding 3,000 new students a year, Frisco ISD is in a constant state of construction. Frisco’s in-house construction department oversees all projects, expenditures and the quality of the work provided by general contractors.

Started in March of 2015, the Debra Nelson Middle School is named after a retired Assistant Superintendent of the school district. At 143,159 square feet, the building will house 6-8th graders and will open in time for the 2016-2017 school year.

Before discovering Owner Insite, Frisco ISD used another brand of construction management software, which was housed directly on their servers. As a result it was difficult to use in the field via a tablet or phone and security issues were a constant concern. Owner Insite’s cloud-based convenience turned all that around, making it perfectly accessible, by any team member, anywhere Wifi is available. Field reports are Frisco ISD’s most-frequently used feature of Owner Insite, using them multiple times daily by multiple team members to keep track of day-to-day progress and changes.

Digital documentation was once a major challenge for Frisco ISD. Today Owner Insite makes it easy to attach digital submittals and pull them up to view, edit, resend.

frisco isd project using owner-insite

“The best thing about Owner Insite is that it is cloud-based. We can get to it from anywhere with Wifi and it looks the same across all platforms: phone, tablet, any device. Owner Insite provides a medium to ask questions and get it documented so everyone is aware of the issue and can view and understand the answer. The result is fewer questions later on.”


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