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Company: Vistacon Ventures, Inc.
El Paso, TX
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St. Matthew’s Catholic Church, El Paso, TX
Catholic Diocese of El Paso
General Contractor

St. Matthew’s Catholic Church, El Paso, Texas is a 21,426 square foot new construction project started in August 2015. This high tech church features numerous structural details, including heavy drop ceilings, a vaulted ceiling, a roof with skylight spanning the building from side to side and a tower above with a cross on top. Many materials are used including marble, wood, glass on the inside and concrete panel and stone veneer on the outside. With some of the oldest Catholic churches in the U.S., El Paso’s historic missions are being restored and opened as tourist destinations. As a result new churches must be built to accommodate the local population. St. Matthew’s is located in a residential zone, surrounded by a country club.

“Owner Insite submittals have been great for us. The architect gives their stamp of approval directly in Owner Insite and the submittal then becomes a permit that can be viewed in the field instantly. It’s faster, easier, and eliminates a step in the process. The best part: no more lost paperwork!”

— Delia Rivera, Project Coordinator, Vistacon Ventures, Inc.

How We Helped.

This project marks the first time Vistacon Ventures has used Owner Insite, mandated by the project architect’s contract. With 119 submittals registered on the project, the Vistacon Ventures team quickly realized the value of Owner Insite’s universal accessibility. Signed and stamped submittals can be viewed in the field instantly, eliminating delays and saving steps. Not to mention the added benefit of no more paperwork to lose. Better still, the team discovered that once submittal details are entered, Owner Insite becomes a permanent record for all these critical project elements. With Owner Insite there’s no need for an on site filing cabinet—just a printer.

As brand new Owner Insite users, the Vistacon Ventures team reports that superintendents and contractors alike quickly got the hang of Owner Insite’s user-friendly format. All players in the project were given access to Owner Insite including the architects, subcontractors and the owner: Catholic Diocese of El Paso. Owner Insite’s simplicity and usefulness were universally appreciated, especially the mobile field reports featuring photos for a visual update of daily changes.

Beyond submittals, the Vistacon Ventures team utilized many aspects of Owner Insite, including safety inspection reports, punch lists, issues tracking, meeting set up and minutes, uploaded plans and more.

How They’re Doing Now.

At the halfway point in the project, the Vistacon Ventures team can’t wait to see how Owner Insite closes out the project, including reporting, ongoing record-keeping and warranty tracking for future reference.

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