Increasing Visibility and Accountability with Daily Field Reports

daily field report on tablet

There are countless moving parts every single day on a construction project. New work is started, sections are completed, materials are delivered, and all of it needs to be documented and accounted for. Daily field reports are an absolute necessity to keep up with all the happenings in your project and to keep everyone on time and on budget. Does your construction project management software make it easy to see daily progress in every aspect of your project?


Daily field reports do more than keep a record of all daily progress happening in your project. They also help you make data-informed decisions about next steps that need to be taken. These daily snapshots are critical to identifying possible obstacles and issues that may come up before they turn into a full blown crisis. And that saves you both time and money. 


We believe in offering comprehensive information for any given day on your job site. All of these reports and more are available on any web enabled device. 

  • Work performed for the day – see a snapshot of all the work that was completed for any given day.

  • Individuals at the job site – Who was onsite that day? This report gives full accounting of the individuals at the site.

  • Materials received for the day – Keep track of all the materials delivered daily, and be able to quickly account for any errors. 

  • Hours worked for the day -Keep on top of hours worked with this daily snapshot. 

  • Picture and comment display – When you can’t be at the work site, real time pictures and comments can be uploaded to ensure you and your stakeholders are always in the loop.

Things can change in an instant on a job site. Weather conditions, set backs, and delays can all happen out of nowhere and can drastically change the course of a day’s productivity. Having the right tools and reporting ensures that you’re always in the know about changes to the workflow, and that you’ll be able to make the appropriate decisions to get back on track. 


Visibility is key to overseeing a large construction project with countless moving parts. When you can’t be onsite everyday to monitor the work and happenings, you rely on your tools to help you get a complete and thorough picture of what’s going on. Daily field reports play a vital role in keeping you up-to-date on the project and they give you the data you need to make quick decisions to avoid issues. 


Keeping your team accountable is also a major necessity for a smooth running project. Everyone has a chain of command and people to report to, but at the end of the day, you – the owner – are the person everyone answers to, and your software should reflect that. Accountability should be easy and seamless, making things easier for everyone. Our daily field reports put you in control and give you unprecedented oversight on every aspect of your project.   


Whatever your needs are for daily updates, Owner Insite can provide a report for you. You never have to be left wondering what’s happening on your project. Contact us today for a FREE demo.

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